Dexter Dust Cap

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Dexter Dust Cap

The Dexter dust cap, like most dust caps, is a compression fit. A compression fit means the lip of the dust cap is larger than the hole it fits therefore, it must compress to lock into the hole.

Some Dexter hubs do not have machined chamfers in the boss and rear of the hub.

Insertion can be difficult. Using a pipe of the correct diameter can greatly improve the ease with which the dust cap can be installed.

Dust cap can become lose if hammered into position too frequently even on the first insert.

Once the dust cap is home, stop hitting it. Extra hit can actually make it loose-fitting.

Question: Should I fill my grease cap full of grease.

Answer: No, the purpose of the grease cap is to catch excess grease from the bearing cavity.

Generally, grease is in oversupply during the greasing process.

Grease will exit the bearing cavity at high speeds and during the initial heating and cooling process. Note: Grease never re-enters the bearing cavity one caught in the grease cap.

What is the purpose of the grease cap?

  • To catch grease?
  • Or to prevent the ingress of dust?

Bearing Buddy® fallen off or stolen? Video.

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