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Mag Wheel Nuts and Lug Nuts

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1/2 Ford Mag Wheel Nut Long

Mag Wheel Nuts and Lug Nuts

Mag Wheel Nuts and Lug Nuts are just a fancy accessory I do not need. Well, the word RUST may change your mind.

Your nuts will lock onto your stud when your studs become rusty. So your rust wheel studs are the culprit.

Wheel nuts are impossible to remove with a standard wheel brace if your stud threads have rusted. Consequently, you will need a strong rattle impact rattle gun to remove those wheels nuts.

Wheel studs are made from high tensile steel and are therefore susceptible to rust.

Short lug nuts or mag wheel nuts are the most popular.

Lug nuts protect your thread from rust thereby allowing you to remove wheel nuts more easily.

Sure, these lug nuts will rust in time and look quite unsightly; however, you will still be able to remove them with your standard jacking equipment wheel brace.

The smaller nut on the left will suit a standard 41mm wheel stud. These studs are used on all standard rim 1/2″ and 7/16″ UNF Ford, Holden and Landcruiser trailer and caravan hub/drum assemblies.

So now you see the logic in lug nuts. The wheel above is on my boat trailer. As a result of rust, the ends of the studs were so rusty I had to resort to an impact battery drill to remove them.

When I replaced these standard wheel nuts with Lugnuts, half of the nuts were corroded or rusted on. (image above)

Finally, I found the longer lug nuts made it easier for the hex socket to engage the nut for removal and replacement.

lug nut dome nuts

Here is an article explaining mag wheel nuts a little more.


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