Replacement Ceramic DeeMaxx Brake Pads


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Brake Pads for DeeMaxx / Kodiak Calipers 

High performance brake pad with minimal wear-and-tear.
✓ Easy installation for quick maintenance jobs.
Suits American calipers (DeeMaxx and Kodiak).

Designed and manufactured by DeeMaxx™.


6 in stock

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Replacement Ceramic DeeMaxx Brake Pads

Ceramic DeeMaxx Brake Pads are known to provide better brake performance and have a longer lifespan compared to standard metallic / non-metallic disc pads.

Brake pads are used in mechanical and hydraulic caliper brakes to clamp down on the disc rotor, creating friction between the coarse surface of the pad and the rotor face. This is what causes your trailer or caravan to brake.

DeeMaxx and Kodiak are big brand names in the American boating space, and are quickly gaining popularity in Australia. These replacement disc brake pads are genuine DeeMaxx brand and are ready for express dispatch.

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ceramic disc pads

Product Specifications

  • Brake Pad Type: Ceramic
  • Brand: Genuine DeeMaxx™

When you buy these replacement ceramic DeeMaxx brake pads, you will receive one set of four brake pads (enough for one axle).

Tandem axle trailers will require two kits to service both axles.

Caliper Bleeding

  • Attach a clear tube to the top of the nipple.
  • Air rises to the top of the hydraulic chamber.
  • Momentarily pressurise the brake lines.
  • Release the nipple until air escapes.
  • Once the air has stopped escaping, stop bleeding and move to the next caliper to bleed.

Key Tips and Tricks

  • These DeeMaxx pads are very easy to install.
  • Do not disconnect the hydraulic brake line.
  • Remove caliper.
  • Insert the disc pad into the piston and use a G Clamp to push the piston back into its home position.
  • Insert the other disc pad, re-insert it onto the rotor and bolt the caliper to the bracket.

If you travel long distances, use thread sealer on the caliper bolts. There have been occasions when the caliper has detached from the bracket on corrugated roads.

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Additional information

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