Hydraulic Independent Coil Suspension Kit

Hydraulic Independent Coil Suspension Kit


Brand: Couplemate™ Australian Made and Owned.

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Hydraulic Independent Coil Suspension Kit

The Couplemate hydraulic independent coil suspension braking systems are up to 4.5t for boat trailers. Dirt roads from Cape York to Broome, Couplemate ICS trailing arm kits are well designed by our engineers. The most popular reason our customers select this independent suspension system is:Australian Made

  • Robust hydraulic disc brakes
  • The reliable coil spring system
  • It does not require constant camber adjustment
  • Coil Springs have no weak spots as opposed to leaf springs which have a soft spot 100mm from the eye on most springs.

Our experts can quickly help you with any height or ride information. One of the most popular questions. Do we provide replacement bushings? The ICS has two high-tensile bushings that do not require replacement.

We have replaced only two bushings on a trailer after 250,000 over the outback terrain. So no, generally, we do not replace bushings. However, that is not to say we cannot replace these bushings.

Couplemate suspension systems have many features designed by our engineers: Ride Height No Load  335mm, Full Load 297mm measured from the bottom of the chassis rail to the axle centre.

Replacement Parts

Is Couplemate Independent Suspension made in Australia?

Yes, the ICS is by the Australian-made Campaign and manufactured in our Wynnum workshops by Aussie workers.


  • Ride Height No Load  335mm, Full Load 297mm as measured from the lower part of the chassis rail to the axle centre.
  • Coil Springs - Replaceable
  • Stub Axles - Replaceable
  • Al-ko Hydraulic Calipers with Stainless Pistons
  • Al-ko Disc Rotors
  • Max Compression 70mm at full load.
  • Bump stops help prevent shock loading.
  • This zero Camber is due to the upper frame that provides fundamental strength to the entire suspension.
  • Coil suspension features our unique zero Camber at full load.
  • Inbuilt structural rigidity ensures no camber movement.
  • Twin shock absorbers.
  • Australian Made.
  • To simplify your calculation, we can offer Sunraysia Rims and off-road tyres in 14-inch, 15-inch and 16-inch tyres with prices ranging from $244.00 to $344.00 for the 16-inch off-road tyre. (tyres are extra)

Price includes both left and right-hand sides to suit a single axle. An Independent coil suspension kit is built explicitly for rigidity. We recognised rigidity as the key to independent suspension. Therefore, we needed a top and bottom frame. Adding a top shelf to compliment the bottom structure is the key to rigidity and strength in the most challenging conditions.

*Please note the suspension pictured is galvanised with American-style top hat rotors. Standard pricing is for non-galvanised material and classic Australian-style hydraulic callipers and discs.

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Additional information

Weight99 kg
Dimensions90 × 60 × 60 cm
Stud Pattern



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