65mm Rocker Roller Spring Parts

65mm Rocker Roller Spring Parts


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65mm Rocker Roller Spring Parts

6t x 65mm rocker roller spare parts are high tensile and include

  • Steel Roller Bush
  • Steel Bush to suit the centre rocker bolt
  • Brass Bush to suit spring eye
  • Shackle Bolts
  • 65mm Centre rocker arm

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Spare Parts Specifications

  • D0918 - ID 1 inch - OD 1 1/4 inch - Width 65mm - Rocker arm centre bush
  • D0923 - ID 7/8 inch  - OD 1 1/8 inch - Width 65mm - Spring eye bush
  • D2202 - 7/8 inch ID x 65mm Brass Bush
  • D1117 - Spring Greasable Shackle Pin - 7/8 inch x 4.5 inch
  • D1119 - Rocker Center Greaseable Shackle Pin - 1-inch x 4.5 inch
  • D1715 - 65mm Center rocker arm

Rocker Roller Installation method

The length of rocker roller springs can vary from 1mm to 5mm. The best method to install is as follows.

  • Weld the Center bracket into position, connect the centre rocker and attach springs to the centre rocker.
  • Install front and back spring hanger brackets onto the springs.
  • Stretch the front spring as far as it will go and tack it onto your chassis rail.
  • Stretch the back spring as far as it will go and tack it onto your chassis rail.

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