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✓ Minimises abrupt shunt between trailer and tow vehicle.
Increases tow ball lifespan when towing with pintle rings.
Reduces annoying noises for a smooth tow.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

63 in stock

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Pintle Tow Ball Protector | Australian-Made

The Pintle Tow Ball Protector is a safety device for genuine Couplemate™ Combination Pintle Hooks Tow Balls.

The ball protector acts as a cushion or dampener to remove most of the impact of towing equipment during acceleration—no more broken tow balls.

The gap between ring coupling and tow ball can vary by up to 30mm between pintle hook brands. As a result, forces occurring during acceleration from a stationary position cause damage to the tow ball.

How Does the Protector Work?

The ball protector has two parts:

  • Inner band: wraps around the tow ball
  • Outer sleeve: locks in the inner band

This provides the tow ball with extra strength to avoid premature damage during use.

Because the tow ball protector endures the brunt of the towing forces, eventually the protector may need to be replaced. However, this extends the life of your tow ball, minimises the abrupt jerking motion of the trailer, and reduces noise.

Couplemate™ has two tow ball protectors on offer. So, how do you know which one you need?

For Genuine Couplemate Pintle Hooks

If you have a genuine Couplemate™ Pintle Hook, you will want the yellow covers (CM508). This suits tow balls with a 1 1/8’’ shank.

This suits both our CM530 Combination Pintle Hook Receiver Arm and our CM500 Combination Pintle Hook.

Genuine Couplemate™ Pintle Hooks will have a yellow horn, and will have an aluminium plate with our manufacturing details.

Pintle Hook and Ball Protector

Aftermarket Pintle Hooks will use this variation here.

Using the Tow Ball Protector

Ensure that the pintle hook horn is closed when not in use. Vibration from the road can cause the polyurethane ring to move upwards and dislodge.

Additional information

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1 review for Pintle Tow Ball Protector | Genuine Couplemate Pintle Hooks

  1. Rhett Aquilina (verified owner)

    First impressions, absolutely awesome. I’ve got a small truck that I tow a 3.2t wood chipper with. I’ve had the set up for 18m and it was pretty bumpy. After installing the adaptor I can’t believe how much smoother it is.
    Also makes right reversing situation easier as I have more and constant control.
    Hopefully it lasts a while.

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