Stainless DeeMaxx Disc Caliper


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Stainless DeeMaxx Disc Caliper also fits Kodiak – Video

Stainless DeeMaxx Disc Caliper is used on 10″ and 12″  rotors | 1350-2700 KG per trailer. Maximum rating is 1350 per axle

A Stainless caliper is supplied with stainless disc pads and stainless caliper bolts.

Brake Fade

“Brake fade” generally refers to any loss of braking caused by overheating. In fact, there are three very distinct forms of “brake fade”.

These parts suit this disc caliper

Pad Fade

Pad Fade is caused by the temperature of the brakes exceeding the maximum temperature limit of the brake pad friction material.

When the maximum temperature limit is reached (and even before, as it is approached), brake pads can expel gases when heated, gases that act as a lubricant between pad and rotor.

When pad fade occurs, the brakes will feel “normal” (high gases IRM) but there will be very little stopping power.

Hydraulic Fluid Boil

When the temperature of the caliper exceeds the boiling point of the brake fluid, tiny bubbles are formed in the brake fluid.

As a result, the pedal goes soft and perhaps even to the floor as the fluid is no longer incompressible. Once this has happened, the fluid must be replaced. Over time brake fluid can absorb water vapour and the more water vapour in the fluid.

Solutions to fluid boil include: flush and fill with new brake fluid, use a brake fluid with a higher boiling point, improve cooling of the caliper.

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