1.6t x 10 inch DeeMaxx Disc Rotor

1.6t x 10 inch DeeMaxx Disc Rotor

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10-inch DeeMaxx Disc Rotor suit 1.6t Japanese bearings (3500lbs)

10 inch DeeMaxx Disc fits 5 Stud Ford rims and tyres.

Ford PCD is 4.5 inches using 1/2 UNF thread studs and wheel or lug nuts.

  • Wall thickness for 10-inch disc rotor is 18mm. American calipers fit American rotors only.
  • All Australia calipers fit 15mm disc rotor walls and are not suitable for this rotor.

What is my Wheel PCD, click here to find the answer.

An integral rotor like this one contains the hub which houses the bearings. A top hat rotor has no hub.

More information on American Disc Rotors

How to dry-fit

  • Fit the bearings into the disc rotor (no grease, we will apply grease later in the process)
  • Fit the rotor onto the axle and lock of the axle nut
  • Bolt the mounting plate onto the disc caliper
  • Place a cable tie around the rotor
  • Install the caliper and mount over the disc rotor
  • Install an airline into the hydraulic thread to blow out the piston onto the disc pad. This process locks the disc pad into position.
  • Tack weld the mounting plate into position. If you are happy with the location of the mount, then proceed to the next step.
  • Remove the caliper and rotor then finish the welding then grease the bearings and re-install.

Marine Bearing Kit (not included)

These parts suit this disc rotor

Additional information

Weight 7.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm


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