Dexter 1.6t Lazy Hub


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Dexter 1.6t Lazy Hub

Dexter 1.6t lazy hub is used on US boat trailers.

Previously, US hubs and rotors were previously assumed to be rated at 1.8t or 3500 lbs. NSK advise the bearings for this size hub are rated to 1.6t.

Please note hubs are galvanised.

This hub suits a 10-inch x 5 Stud Ford DeeMaxx coated Ventilated rotor or a stainless rotor setup.

Dexter 1.6t lazy Ford P.C.D. is 4.5 inches and supplied with 1/2 UNF thread studs and wheel nuts.

We recommend using lug or dome nuts to help prevent rust on the end of the thread. Purchase Lugnuts here.

We recommend the use of Japanese bearings on all boat trailers and caravans. Japanese bearings are easily identified. The words ‘Japan’ are written on both the inner race and the outer cup.

Marine Bearing Kit (not included)

Has your American-bearing buddy fallen off or been stolen at the boat ramp?

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