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  • Grease Nipple

    Grease Nipple for Springs – Couplings

    $3.50 inc GST
  • ufp DB35 disc brake pads

    UFP Caliper Disc Pads DB35

    $45.90 inc GST
  • ufp caliper

    UFP DB35 Dexter Caliper

    $227.47 inc GST
  • Sale!
    Al-ko Long Shock Absorber

    Al-ko Long Shock Absorber – Enduro

    $225.36 inc GST
  • 2t x Lazy Hub Al-ko Dexter

    2t – 3t Lazy Trailer Hub – Al-ko and Dexter

    $108.79$223.77 inc GST
  • Al-ko off-road coupling

    3.5t Al-ko Off-Road Ball Coupling

    $345.50 inc GST
  • 2t Al-ko Override Off-Road Coupling

    2t Alko® Override Off-Road Coupling

    $405.70 inc GST
  • 150mm Jockey Wheel

    150mm Premium Jockey Wheel – Alko

    $51.72$82.95 inc GST
  • 200mm jockey wheel no clamp

    200mm Jockey Wheel

    $94.95$193.90 inc GST
  • Sale!
    alko power mover

    250mm Al-ko Jockey Wheels

    $144.32$231.07 inc GST
  • Sale!
    AL-KO IQ7 Electric onboard compressor.

    Al-ko® IQ7 Brake Controller

    $1,185.00$1,675.00 inc GST
  • IQ7 Xtreme Controller

    Al-ko IQ7 Xtreme Controller

    $545.00 inc GST
  • IQ7 Xtreme Electronic unti

    Al-ko IQ7 Xtreme Electronic Control Unit

    $274.55 inc GST
  • 60mm Rocker Roller Hanger

    60mm Rocker Roller Hanger Kit

    $195.00 inc GST
  • 60mm Standard Tandem Hanger

    60mm Standard Tandem Hanger Kit

    $348.30 inc GST
  • replacement jockey wheel handle

    Replacement Jockey Wheel Handle

    $13.75$17.50 inc GST
  • Sale!
    Alko Bigfoot Corner Steady

    Alko Bigfoot Corner Steady

    $119.50$133.00 inc GST
  • Sale!
    al-ko caravan shock absorber kit electric brakes

    Al-ko Shock Absorber – Single or Pair

    $114.08$195.00 inc GST
  • Al-ko IRS Shock Absorber

    Al-ko IRS Shock Absorber

    $121.55$136.00 inc GST
  • Manoeuvring Handle

    Al-ko® Jockey Wheel Manoeuvring Handle

    $37.35 inc GST
  • Bigfoot Red Handle Al-ko

    Bigfoot Red Handle Al-ko

    $4.60 inc GST
  • Swivel Bracket

    Swivel Brackets

    $19.81$72.32 inc GST
  • lock

    Lock/Key Press Metal Coupling Alko®

    $23.43 inc GST
  • 2t Alko Snap

    2t Trailer Coupling – AL-KO

    $42.38$44.98 inc GST
  • Pressed Metal Trailer Coupling

    Pressed Metal Trailer Coupling 750kg

    $54.45$73.22 inc GST
  • Sale!
    alko electric offroad brake magnet

    Electric Brake Magnets 10″- 12″

    $19.50$209.76 inc GST
  • Mechanical Caliper Parts

    Mechanical Disc Brake Caliper Parts

    $5.50$257.32 inc GST
  • Sale!

    Al-ko Hydraulic Disc Caliper Parts

    $13.25$295.00 inc GST
  • Al-ko Brake Cable Kit

    Al-ko Brake Cable Kit

    $2.50$34.75 inc GST
  • Al-ko Override Ball Coupling

    2t Override Coupling Al-ko®

    $129.10$143.80 inc GST
  • 3.5t electric caravan coupling

    3500kg Electric Coupling Al-ko®

    $108.65 inc GST
  • al-ko marine coupling 3.5t

    3.5t Al-ko® Marine Coupling

    $115.86 inc GST
  • Al-ko AKS 3004

    Al-ko AKS3004 Stabiliser Coupling

    $989.50 inc GST
  • 48mm Alko Dust Cap

    48mm AL-KO Dust Cap suit European Models

    $16.20 inc GST
  • 2t Electric Brake Drum dexter al-ko

    2t Electric Brake Drum – Al-ko , Dexter

    $219.24$309.10 inc GST
  • 2t Alko Brake Drum 5 Stud

    2t Electric Brake Drum Incl Greased Bearing Kit

    $285.00 inc GST
  • 2t - 3t Brake Drum

    2t – 3t Alko Electric Brake Drum

    $287.42$291.58 inc GST
  • Trailer Wheel Nuts

    Wheel Nuts – Caravan and Trailers

    $1.00$11.76 inc GST
  • Dexter Axle E-Z replacement kit

    Dexter® Axle E-Z Lube Retainer Kit

    $41.45$46.75 inc GST
  • outback hanger kit

    Outback Hanger Kit (One Side)

    $85.50 inc GST
  • 60mm Front and Rear Hangers

    60mm Spring Hangers – Centre, Front, Rear

    $4.20$49.50 inc GST
  • Override Park Low Profile Hand Brake

    Override Park Low Profile Hand Brake by AL-KO

    $32.50 inc GST
  • push button park brake

    Push Button Park Brake

    $36.72$87.05 inc GST
  • Spacer Plate

    Spacer Plate to suit Ratchet Hand Brakes

    $3.50 inc GST
  • alko trailer lock

    Al-ko Trailer Lock

    $59.95 inc GST
  • Al-ko auto retract jockey

    Al-ko Auto Retract Jockey Wheel 8″ – video

    $150.40 inc GST
  • Sale!
    Al-ko Truck landing leg

    Al-ko® Truck Landing Leg – 4.5t

    $525.00 inc GST
  • 14" Jack Stand

    Trailer Adjustable Stand

    $75.00$103.64 inc GST
  • wheel studs

    Wheel Studs Caravan – Alko

    $2.00$13.35 inc GST
  • Al-ko Outback Rebound leaf spring

    Al-ko® Outback Rebound Off-Road Spring

    $265.85$364.55 inc GST

About AL-KO

AL-KO International Pty Ltd manufactures, markets and distributes a comprehensive range of products to Couplemate Trailer Parts for the trailer, caravan and RV markets in Australia and New Zealand.

The company is best known for its high quality running gear range, including axles, brakes and suspension products. In addition, AL-KO offers its customers a wide range of accessories, as well as motorhome chassis and undercarriage components.

Recent releases from the company include AL-KO Enduro, AL-KO ESC (electronic stability control), AL-KO IQ7 and AL-KO ATS (anti-theft system).

The company has a long and proud history in Australia spanning back to 1946 when Hornby Engineering was founded and started to produce axles in South Melbourne. In 1974 this company was acquired by Girlock and with the acquisition of two other companies in Sydney and Brisbane, it became Australia’s largest company in its field. In 1988 the German AL-KO Kober Group acquired the company, which signalled the start of a new era of international involvement in Australasia. The company’s strong growth over the last decade has been driven by product range expansion and innovation that has further enhanced AL-KO’s position as the market leader in its field.

AL-KO is proud of its reputation for high-quality products and services to the trailer, caravan and motor home market. Today the company utilises CAD, CNC and robotics to design and manufacture excellent products and with the aid of a modern computer system delivers high quality of service to its customers.

AL-KO’s Australian head office and main manufacturing facility is located in Melbourne, with further factories and offices in Sydney, Brisbane and New Zealand.

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— Values

Safety, comfort and pleasure are important factors of life and an expression of our work. Our identity can be found in both our brand AL-KO and in all of our products. Not only do we live for quality but we have also fully invested ourselves in a highly emotional message: the quality of life of our customers. This is what we mean by :