70mm Tow Ball – 4.5t – CRN45125 – 23.7kN

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70mm Tow Ball suit 4.5-tonne heavy duty Electric Couplings. No CRN means the tow ball is not legal for use on Australian roads and highways.

Please note: During the testing of this product, we discovered that accidental movement of the older style nut and washer could occur under severe conditions.

Installation Procedure

Drill the shack after the nut is tightened. Insert the split pin and fold it around the nut in a horizontal manner or follow the circumference of the nut.


  • 4.5t.
  • CRN45125
  • 23.7kN
  • 32mm Shank

Trailers over 3.5t towing capacity made after 2009 using 70mm balls must comply with Australian standards and be ADR Approved.

Towing Balls over 3.5t must be tested for 2,000,000 cycles at the full, rated load.

New Feature

A castellated nut and split pin have been supplied to enable the nut to be fixed with a pin after a torque wrench is applied.

70mm tow ball

Example of a legal tow ball Stamping

70mm tow balls NOT marked in the fashion below, do NOT comply with Australia Standards. AS4771.2 demands the following

  • Manufacturers mark.– Who is responsible for this tow ball.
  • Tow Ball Rating – Max towing rating
  • Tow Ball Size – What coupling this tow ball fits.
  • Batch Number – Identifies potential batching problems. (new legislative requirement)

70mm Tow Ball fit the following parts

12.3.3. Over 3.5 tonnes ‘ATM.’ Over 3.5 tonnes ‘ATM’ – ‘D-value’ rated Dynamic Testing The horizontal alternating force of minimum (kN) +/- 0.6 x ‘Coupling’ ‘D-value’ (kN) acting in a line parallel to the ground and the longitudinal median plane of the towing vehicle for at least 2 million cycles. Over 3.5 tonnes ‘ATM’ – ‘D-value’ and ‘V-value’ rated Dynamic Testing Horizontal alternating force of minimum (kN) +/- 0.6 x ‘Coupling’ ‘D-value’ (kN) acting in a line parallel to the ground and in the longitudinal median plane of the towing vehicle and a vertical alternating force of minimum (kN) static vertical ‘Coupling’ load +/- (0.6 x ‘Coupling’ ‘V-value’ (kN)) acting vertically for at least 2 million cycles.

The static vertical ‘Coupling’ load (kN) = 9.81 x S where: S = ‘ATM’ – ‘GTM’ (tonnes).


View the ADR Approval Letter Here

Tow balls purchased from Couplemate Trailer Parts contain the certified CRN identification number on the Invoice. The CRN on the approval letter will be the same CRN on the Invoice.

Furthermore, show vehicle inspectors the invoice during the inspection of the trailer or vehicle if required.

Finally, validate CRN Approved products by typing the manufacturer’s name here.

Regulations for Towing and Accessories over 4.5t

70mm Tow Ball – ADR Approved

Couplemate Trailer Parts sells only the best quality 70mm Tow Ball – 4.5t – CRN45125 – 23.7kN and caravan spare parts throughout Australia. Customers are welcome to either pickup or take advantage of our low freight rates. Express shipping to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart. We also ship products to New Zealand via Australia Post Air Express.

Additional information

Weight 3.57 kg
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 8 cm

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