70mm Tow Ball – CTA-045125


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ADR Approved & Certified
High-Tensile 4140 Steel
Suits 4500kg Couplings

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

65 in stock

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70mm Tow Ball – 4500kg (4.5t) – ADR Approved and CTA Certified

Introducing the impressive Couplemate™ CM296 70mm Tow Ball, Australian-made and expertly crafted from solid steel.

It has a diameter of 70mm, which is slightly larger than the more common 50mm tow ball.

The larger diameter provides a larger surface area for the trailer hitch to grip, which helps to prevent the trailer from swaying or fishtailing.

70mm tow balls are typically rated for a 3,500kg to 5000kg towing capacity. The exact rating will depend on the make and model of the tow ball.

Whether hauling heavy loads for work or going on a fun adventure with your family, this tow ball is perfect for truck trailers and large caravans.

Upgrade your towing experience today!

Tow Ball Specifications

  • Materials: K4140
  • Coating: Chrome
  • D-Value: 23.2kN
  • Weight Rating: 4500kg ATM (4.5t)
  • Torque Setting: 1473NmAustralian Made and Owned.

ADR Approved a 70mm Tow Ball

Safety is our top priority in design, and the Couplemate™ 70mm Tow Ball is no exception. You can trust that it provides a sturdy and dependable towing solution that follows strict safety standards and regulations.

Trailers over 3.5t towing capacity made after 2009 using 70mm balls must comply with Australian standards and be CTA-approved.

70mm Tow Balls are stamped with marks as specified in AS4771.2:

  • Manufacturers mark
  • Tow Ball Rating
  • Tow Ball Size
  • Batch Number (essential)

Here are some of the benefits of using a 4.5t tow ball:

  • Increased towing capacity
  • Improved stability
  • Reduced sway and fishtailing
  • Longer lifespan

Component Type Approval

Tow Balls purchased from Couplemate™ contain the certified CTA identification number on the Invoice. The CTA on the approval letter will be the same CTA as the one on the invoice.

The CTA number removes any doubt about compliance regarding this tow ball installed on new vehicles and trailers.

Find out what a CTA number means here.

70mm Tow Ball Receivers

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 10 cm

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    Quality Australian Tow Ball

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