High-Tensile Receiver Hitch Pin (Short)


Brand: Couplemate

Rated as a Class V hitch pin for up to 6000kg weight capacity.

Recommended For:

6.0t Pintle Tow Bar Adaptor

What makes the CM510 a great product?

✓ Enhanced towing strength and reliability.Australian Made and Owned.
Officially rated for 6.0t ATM heavy-duty applications.
Boosts convenience with 8-mount holes and invertibility.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

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6000kg High-Tensile Receiver Hitch Pin | 120mm

Introducing the Couplemate™ CM065 6000kg High-Tensile Receiver Hitch Pin, the perfect solution for securing your receiver bar with precision and eliminating annoying rattle.

This high-tensile pin is specifically designed for use on common Australian hitch receiver bars, ensuring a tight and secure fit.

With its high tensile strength, this Hitch Pin secures the connection between your receiver arm and tow bar, providing enhanced stability and reducing rattle to a minimum.

Designed to provide extra stability and peace of mind, the Pin and Clip ensure that the Nyloc nut stays securely in place while towing.

Suitable for all hitch and receiver weight ranges up to 6000kg, this Receiver Hitch Pin is a versatile and reliable choice for any towing setup.

Product Specifications

  • Material: 4140 Steel
  • Coating: Zinc
  • Overall Length: 120mm
  • Length to Nyloc Nut: 105mm

It is quite common for hitches to rattle inside their housing. However, this Class V heavy-duty pin is 0.5mm oversized to help reduce rattle.

Helpful FYI: How Do Pin Rating Work?

  • Class I – up to 900kg – light loads (Standard 5/8 inch hole)
  • Class II – up to 1,600kg – light loads (Standard 5/8 inch hole)
  • Class III – up to 2,250kg – larger loads (campers, boats, etc.)
  • Class IV – up to 4,000kg – larger loads (campers, boats, etc.)
  • Class V – up to 7,727kg – larger loads (construction equipment, etc.

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Additional information

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions15 × 3 × 3 cm
Pin Length



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