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How long do caravan shock absorbers last is a great question that we get asked a lot. If I said 5000klms you would say I am stupid and had no idea.

So first read a little about shock absorbers and how they keep your caravan on the road.

Shock absorbers are quite possibly the most misunderstood part of any caravan’s essential systems. Did you know shock absorbers help keep your tyres in contact with the ground?

Worn shock absorbers lose compression that, maybe due to a microscopic puncture in the outer tube caused by sharp rock strike at 100 km.

Here is a tip, if your shock absorbers look worn on inspection then buy a set for your next service. If you do DIY then you are ready if they fail the test when removed. If ok when tested then you already have replacement shockies for when they fail.

How long do caravan shock absorbers last is a great question because it brings into play a comparison between two types of rig owners?

There are two main types of travellers

Reactive owner fixes bearings, shock absorbers and other items AFTER they fail.

Proactive owner fixes bearings, shock absorbers and other suspect items BEFORE they fail.

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If your shock absorber is held into place with two bolts, it is a relatively easy operation to remove them. To test compression simply pull the open then push closed. If your shock absorber pulls open easily then it needs replacement.

The tell-tale signs of a worn shock absorber is the degree of stone chips. These stone chips can puncture as mention before however, they are an excellent indication of shock absorber wear.

The best caravan shock absorbers on the market are the Alko and Couplemate shock absorbers. Other famous brands like Munro are suited to various manufacturers with non-standard height configurations.

Why are there different heights? The standard install height is approximately 300mm.

Height depends on tyre height and importantly, tent height. If higher or lower than 300mm then Munro and like shock absorbers are used.

Vibration Fatigue

Vibration fatigue and shock absorbers is also a good read.

There are many other signs your shock absorber is failing.

  • Shake, rattle and roll.
  • Swerving
  • Stopping
  • Swerving
  • Uneven tyre wear.

The video below is about replacing a shock absorber on a car. The process is similar for a caravan.

How long do Caravan shock absorbers last