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Secure Shipping Policy

Since 2001, Couplemate™ has been servicing and dispatching to businesses all over Australia. We make it our duty to get your order to you in the best way we can.

Once your order is dispatched, we’ll send an email with your tracking information.


Orders that are small and light enough to ship in a padded mailer (e.g. shackle bolts).

Must be 5kg or under.


Orders that are large enough to warrant shipping in a carton (e.g. tow bar receivers).

Must be 22kg or under.


Orders that exceed 22kg and/or must be shipped in multiple cartons, a skid, or a pallet (e.g. Independent Suspension frames).

May be considered “Oversized.”


Orders that have shipping dimensions that exceed the standard pallet dimensions on one axis (e.g. trailer axles).

Common Oversized products will be marked, as often they can only be shipped on select couriers.

Flexible Freight Options

Couplemate™ Freight: Ship the order through our list of couriers. Select from standard, express, or premium freight!

Pick-Up: Order online and collect it at our Wynnum warehouse. We’ll send through an email once everything is ready to collect.

Dispatch Times

Couplemate™ makes an effort to pick, pack, and dispatch orders as soon as humanly possible. Where products are in-stock, Satchel and Boxed orders should roll within 1-3 business days, though Bulk and Oversized orders may take longer.

Similarly, Custom Work orders are subject to waning manufacturing timelines, which may affect dispatch. Our team will provide an ETA when sending through your Sales Confirmation slip!

In terms of delivery, unfortunately we have limited control over orders after they’ve been dispatch. Delivery times often vary depending on the courier, freight conditions, and the package’s destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put Oversized orders on My Courier?

  • Of course! Couplemate™ usually ships Oversized orders on Direct Freight Express, but feel free to book it on your nominated courier as normal. If we encounter any hiccups, we’ll reach out!

How can I get my order as fast as possible?

  • Couplemate™ recommends selecting either “Express” or “Premium” shipping options for non-bulk, non-oversized freight. While delivery times vary, these services are generally faster than standard road freight.

What if there’s a problem?

Sometimes, mistakes happen, and we’re here to fix them!

  • Non-Delivery: If your order shipped on our freight, email us your reference number, and we’ll sort it out for you.
  • Short-Supply: Unless advised otherwise, your order should contain a dispatch packing slip. Email our sales team a photo of this slip, let us know what parts were missing, and we’ll do our best to assist.

For more information on dispatch and shipping, please contact a team member!

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