Couplemate™ Australia

Innovation by Design. Engineered for Quality.

“Innovation isn’t just a part of Couplemate™, it is our purpose. Challenging science, engineering and ourselves underpin our motivation to create, to innovate, to bring the future to our industry rather than waiting for the future to arrive.” — Christopher Assaf, Managing Director

Couplemate™ is Australia’s leading manufacturer of trailer, towing and suspension parts. Innovation by Design. Engineered for Quality.

Couplemate™ Core Products

The company specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality caravan and trailer components. Known for offering a comprehensive catalogue, the Couplemate™ Core range includes:

  • Traditional Axles
  • Hubs, Drums & Discs
  • Towing Fitments & Peripherals
  • Leaf Springs, Tailgate Springs & Coil Suspension

Movement into Domestic & International Manufacturing

Couplemate™ grew to include a diverse team with specialised skills developed over years of industry participation, research and development. The brand evolved to apply expertise in engineering, manufacturing and product knowledge to design and test our own market-leading equipment.

The brand became a well-known and trusted name within the trailer and caravan industry. Our top-quality products are distributed throughout Australia and, in recent years, in international markets such as the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and the broader Oceanic region.

Brand Beginnings

Couplemate™ was founded in 2001 in the alluring bayside suburb of Wynnum in Queensland, Australia. Beginning as a partnership, the company’s passion for innovation and quality resulted in flourishing growth and market success as a retailer.

Couplemate™ has established themselves as stockists of leading brands for caravan and trailer accessories on the market, including AL-KO, Manutec, BMPRO and Trojan.

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  • 3-inch Tow Ball parts

    3-inch Tow Ball Parts

  • Couplemate engineers custom overlay axles.

    Overlay Trailer Axles

  • Four piece anti-rattle shim for trailer tow bar stainless steel

    Stainless Tow Bar Anti-Rattle Shim Kit

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  • Product image of the Couplemate CM255 Pintle Ring Coupling. Black powder coated.

    75mm Pintle Ring Coupling | 49kN

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  • Trailer U bolt Kit | Galvanised

    Galvanised U-Bolt Kits

  • 50mm square electric axle kit caravan brakes

    50mm Square 10-Inch Electric Brake Axle Kit

  • 45mm square axle

    45mm Square Axle

  • Electric Conversion Kit for Trailer Brakes

    Premium Electric Trailer Brake Conversion Kit

  • 45mm square axle galvanised

    45mm Square Galvanised Axle