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Tow Bar Receivers & Ball Mounts

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  • 50mm Tow Bar Receiver Hitch Kits

    50mm Tow Bar Receiver Hitch

    $98.90 - $114.00
    Options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page In stock
  • CM522-4_-50mm-Receiver-2

    100mm Drop Tow Bar Receiver Hitch Kits 3.5t

    CM522 $112.00
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  • Tow Bar Receiver Trailer Hitch CM521

    50mm Drop Tow Bar Receiver Hitch Kits 3.5t

    CM521 $119.50
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  • 2-inch Drop 70mm Towbar Receiver

    70mm Tow Ball x 2-inch Drop Tow Hitch Receiver

    CM523 $135.00
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  • CM524-4_-70mm-Receiver

    70mm Tow Ball x 4-inch Drop Tow Hitch Receiver

    CM524 $145.00
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  • CM529S best adjustable tow hitch for standard ride height tow vehicles like suzuki jimny

    3.5t Adjustable Tow Hitch – Short Stem

    CM529S $315.00
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  • Heavy-Duty Premium Adjustable Tow Hitch for 3500kg 50mm Tow Balls also suits Cruisemaster DO35

    3.5t x 190mm Adjustable Tow Hitch

    CM529 $345.00
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Couplemate™ Tow Hitch Receivers | Australian-Made

Explore Australia’s most trusted caravan and trailer tow hitches.
Couplemate™ tow hitch receivers are made in Australia from heavy duty, solid cast iron. Our goal is to supply Australians with legal, safe towing equipment that is built to last.

Put simply, we want everyone to tow with confidence on the road. With genuine Couplemate™ tow hitch receivers, you’ll never have to worry about broken or bending hitches.

Our hitches were developed by our Australian team engineers, technicians and machinists. To this day, all Couplemate™ tow hitch receivers are made in our local Brisbane warehouse. Purchasing our hitches not only supports the Australian economy, but provides you and your family with safe equipment.

Our newest addition to our solid cast hitch range is our CM529 Adjustable Tow Hitch. Adjustable receivers are newly popular in our industry, especially with 4WD advocates and tradies with multiple work trailers.

Towing is essential to Australia, now more than ever. Having a good hitch to connect your vehicle to your trailer is important for your safety and other Aussies on the road.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common hitch for towing?
In Australia, the most common hitch you’ll see is one that suits a 50mm tow ball. Couplemate™ offers these in a 50mm, 100mm, or an Adjustable Drop.

The best hitch for you will depend on multiple factors, like your tow bar specs, your drawbar height, as well as the weight you’re looking to do.

Need help? Give our friendly team a call on 07 3348 3822.
What is the best hitch for off-road?
If you’re looking to explore the off-road, it’s important that you use a solid cast receiver hitch. Hollow receivers often have a welded tongue that is far weaker than our cast iron counterparts.

Hollow and welded receivers will distort in extreme off-road conditions and under shock-loading events on the Bruce Highway.

If you have a DO35 or any other type of off-road coupling, opt for a genuine Couplemate™ tow hitch receiver. This will give you, your vehicle, and your trailer the strongest mechanical connection possible.