3500kg 50mm Off-Road Ball Coupling, CTA-060197


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 ADR Compliant.
Superior off-road coupling.
 Rated for up to 3500kg.

Genuine AL-KO product.

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50mm High Shoulder Tow Ball - 3500kg

Brand: Couplemate

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3.5t Al-ko Off-Road Coupling rated 3,500kg

3.5t Al-ko off-road coupling offers a lower profile ball than other off-road ball couplers.

Engineered by AL-KO in Australia specifically for extreme off-road adventure, the new AL-KO Off-Road Ball Coupling incorporates extreme vertical and horizontal articulation and a quick & easy hitching design that requires no pin or hole alignment.

In addition, Alko offers a low-profile park brake that can be purchased here.

Tow Ball Hitches and Receiver Kits

Important: We recommend offroad couplings of all brands use a solid cast receiver hitch. Hollow receivers have a welded tongue that distorts in extreme offroad conditions and under shock loading events on the highway.

Couplemate manufacturers a range of cast tow bar receivers and hitches in Australia and tested to Australian road conditions.

The Alko coupling with a dual locking system retrofits to existing caravans and camper trailers.

  • Snap locks closed
  • R Clip or lynchpin acts as a double lock to help prevent accidental unhitching from the tow vehicle.

Caravan owners with low rear doors rate this Al-ko low profile as one of the best couplings on the market.


Featuring 360-degree head articulation and a positive tow ball latching system is ideal for extreme off-road adventures. The Al-ko Off-Road Coupling is easy to fit and requires no difficult pin or hole alignment.

The new AL-KO Off-Road Ball Coupling incorporates extreme vertical and horizontal articulation. Furthermore, the quick & easy hitching design requires no pin or hole alignment. We took to the Victorian High Country to push it to its limits through all sorts of off-road terrain.

Fatigue tested to 2 million cycles; the Al-ko Off-Road Coupling is available from all good trailer parts and off-road trailer retailers.

Furthermore, vibration fatigue is a good reason you need shock absorbers. Rough, corrugated roads create wear and tear on shock absorbers and electric brake magnets.

Read more about vibration fatigue here.

Al-ko Off-Road Trailer Coupling Features

  • Huge 360-degree Articulation
  • Fully Compliant with Australian Standards
  • User-friendly, fits standard 50mm tow ball
  • Head height is approximately 125mm from the top of the tongue to the top of the high shoulder tow ball.
  • Corrosive Resistant
  • Zinc plate or Dacromet plated components
  • Unique, attractive design
  • Fatigue tested for 2 million cycles
  • Self-lubricating head pivot bushes
  • Standard mounting hole positions
  • Positive ball latching, incorporating high-impact PolyCarbonate ABS handgrip system
  • Developed and engineered in Australia for harsh Australian conditions.

al-ko offroad coupling drawing

50mm high shoulder tow ball

50mm High Shoulder Tow Ball

Further, consider the following when selecting a coupling:

  • Type of brakes used?
  • Maximum loaded trailer weight?
  • Can I use a 50mm ball, or do I need a ring-type attachment?

High Shoulder Tow Balls

Extreme angles cause the Al-ko off-road coupling to contact the tow hitch tongue, causing damage.

Purchase a high-rise tow ball to give extra clearance over the heavy ground.

Finally, Al-ko has a great article about off-road couplings here.

Additional information

Weight12 kg
Dimensions40 × 30 × 20 cm


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