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10" Brake Drums

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10″ Brake Drums include Ford, Holden, Landcruiser, Landrover, Jeep, F Series

A drum brake is a brake that uses friction caused by a set of shoes or pads that press outward against a rotating cylinder-shaped part called a brake drum.

Caravans and campers use 10″ electric brake hub drums on all trailers over 750kg.

Couplemate produces Australian made brake drums to suit electric brakes for the caravan and RV markets.

What make Couplemate Electric Brake Drums Different?

Our engineers discovered a little talked about problem called porosity as a major cause of braking inefficiencies.

Porosity is a series of holes in a casting that causes lower brake shoe adhesion.

In simple terms, a porous surface will have less braking resistance than a non porous surface.

The best way to explain how to remove air from steel is to understand how air is expelled from concrete. The process of shaking or vibrating the tooling containing a drum casting effectively removes air bubbles thereby greatly reducing porosity.

Further, during the machining process our craftsman are on the lookout for sign of porosity. When found, drums are rejected, scraped and returned to the furnace. As a result, you can be assured the drums you have purchased have undergone rigorous testing and inspecting processes.

Hub drums are then studded to any P.C.D.

Read how to calculate P.C.D. here.

Trailer brakes are required on axles over 2t and activated by an electric brake controller.

10-inch electric drum is paired with 10 inch electric backing plates produce braking capability when needed to stop the caravan.

Braking is achieved when a brake controller activates the electric magnets and become attached to the brake drum.

As a result of magnet attachment, the backing plate brake shoes engage on the drum surface causing braking.

Brake drum failure occurs via magnet damage to the drum magnet face.

Couplemate Trailer Parts manufacture high-quality trailer brakes and drums.

We are also an Al-ko stockist.