10" Brake Drums

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10″ Brake Drums include Ford | Holden | Landcruiser | Landrover | Jeep

10″ Electric Brake drums are used for electric and hydraulic brakes.

Couplemate produces Australian made brake drums to suit electric brakes.

Brakes are required on trailers over 750kg.

Trailer brakes are required on all axles over 2t.

Electric backing plates produce the braking capability when inserted into brake drums.

Braking is achieved when magnets are activated by the driver and become attached to the brake drum.

As a result of magnet attachment, the backing plate brake shoes engage on the drum surface causing braking.

Brake drum failure occurs via magnet damage to the drum magnet face.

High-quality trailer brakes and drums are manufactured by Couplemate Trailer Parts. We are also an Al-ko stockist.