Our Promise


If you are going to breakdown, Murphy’s Law suggests you will likely do so in the most remote location, and on the dustiest road, you have ever encountered.

So keep in mind when buying caravan parts, that Couplemate’s warranty is second to no one.

Well, I hear you asking how we can say that?

Couplemate sells quality parts only. Low priced, knock-off parts exist in the trailer market – but we firmly believe selling these products is a false economy. To remain reputable our company ensures our customers are sold only the best quality components and we support our product range with the best service and guarantee on the market.

Couplemate provides a warranty on all products sold, guaranteeing them to perform as you would expect and be free of defects (when used as recommended) over the serviceable lifetime of the product.

At Couplemate we do know quality. Our staff have over 60 years of combined experience in the caravan and trailer industry. We want you to leave 100% satisfied with the products and service you’ve received.

Our warranty covers replacement, shipping and labour (where parts purchased from Couplemate are installed by one of our accredited installers). We also cover products sent incorrectly, as well as defective and faulty products.

We aim to give you the best experience in the market when it comes to trailer components – with our knowledge, range of product and local connections.