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Stub Axles

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Stub Axles to suit Dexter®, Al-ko®, Aussie Swag, Drop and Overlays

Stub axles are found in the front and rear wishbone suspension of motor vehicles.

However, car trailers, caravans and campers use stub axles to lower the centre of gravity.

Couplemate manufacture a wide range of stubs for caravans and trailers.

The length of the stub varies according to rim and tyre offset.

Specialised stub axles are also made to insert into hollow square tube. This style of axle provides a lightweight solution where trailer weight is critical.

How to calculate offsets can be found here.

Multiple bearing sizes are available for all a variety of stub axle profiles including:

Welding a stub onto a solid steel beam is called an axle overlay. This type of axle configuration drops the height of the trailer.

Couplemate manufacturer every type of stub imaginable. The image below is a speciality drop axle for an independent suspension system found on caravans and campers.

Recently we have had a large number of enquires to produce independent suspension axles.

This type of axle is also the most difficult due to the exactness of camber for each axle.

Manufacturers are moving away from the simple weld on axles, preferring to insert machines axles into a sleeve.

Finally, sleeved axles are replaceable. As a result of a replaceable sleeve, camper and caravan replacements and upgrades becomes a reality.