Al-ko Rocker Roller Springs

Al-ko Rocker Roller Springs


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Alko Rocker Roller Springs up to 4.5t

Alko Rocker Roller Springs. Tandem trailer setups with 60mm wide leaf springs provide a ride somewhere in-between Air suspension and standard rocker suspension.

A robust spring for the long haul, ideal for caravans or horse floats, livestock and other trailers where the ride is required to be more forgiving than standard suspension systems.

When building a new trailer, it is advisable to allow 10% for consumables and non-consumables as Payload for your customer.

For example, if the desired payload is 3t, build the ATM to 3.3t or 3.5t.

If upgrading, check the capacity of your tow bar.

Great idea to check your tow ball weight for better towing. 5.5% -7% for tandem trailers.


Price is for ONE complete side of springs incl hangers, and bolts. Would you please order 2pcs for the entire trailer?

Alko Rocker Roller Springs is 60mm wide and one of the best investments you can make into your suspension system.

Rocker Roller Suspension Vs Slipper Springs

60mm wide springs twist less, are more robust to withstand better shock loading events like potholes, railway lines, cattle grids and corrugations, to name a few.

If you are considering 45mm wide springs and a cheaper suspension system, you will need to consider whether your trailer will be susceptible to some harsh conditions or it will merely be a run around town trailer.

OK, so right now, you have a grasp on spending a few extra dollars as a better investment for your family adventures.

The location of your spring hangers can create problems if installed incorrectly. Read more here.

Included 2 springs, 1 x centre rocker, 1 x centre hanger, 2 x front and back hangers, bolts and nylocks.

It is always advisable to install shock absorbers on trailer suspension systems. Al-ko is another good brand of suspension systems.


Why U-bolts may be the Major Cause of Accidents

8 Leaf x 6tRocker Roller Suspension ratings for the full range are here:-

  • 5 Leaf - 2t on 14" Wheels.
  • 6 Leaf - 2.5t on 14" Wheels.
  • 7 Leaf - 3t on 14" Wheels.
  • 6 Leaf - 2.5t to 3t on 16" Wheels.
  • 7 Leaf - 3.5t to 4t on 16" Wheels.
  • 8 Leaf - 4t to 4.8t on 16" wheels.

Note: For 6t springs, click the image on the right.

Vibration fatigue can have huge impacts on springs and running equipment in your caravan.

There is a good article here on vibration fatigue and caravans.

Tandem Trailer Rocker Rocker Spring Setup

The length of rocker roller springs can vary from 1mm to 5mm. The best method to install is as follow:

  • Weld Center bracket into position and connect centre rocker and attach springs to the centre rocker.
  • Install front and back spring hanger brackets onto the springs.
  • Stretch front spring as far as it will go and tack onto your chassis rail.
  • Stretch back spring as far as it will go and tack onto your chassis rail.

Further, Al-ko rocker roller springs are also available by calling our sales team on 0733483822.

How to fit Tandem Al-ko Rocker Roller springs

Finally, spring choices are important when considering new springs or upgrading old springs.

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Rocker Roller Springs

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