Bearing Buddy – American

Bearing Buddy – American

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Bearing Buddy - American

American bearing buddy's are available in three sizes

  • 1.98" - Stainless Steel - Each
  • 52mm - Stainless Steel - Pair
  • 2.441" - Stainless Steel - Each

If your bearing protector is loose, coat the contact surface with locktite for a temporary fix. Ideally, replace the boat trailer hub.

It is important to note that bearing buddies are designed for the marine industry. When used on electric brakes, it is possible to over grease the hub. Over greasing results in brake shoes and magnets becoming ineffective.

Question: Should I fill my grease cap full of grease.

Answer: No, the purpose of the grease cap is to catch excess grease from the bearing cavity. Your grease cap should be inserted dry.

The oversupply of grease is prevalent during the greasing process.

As a result, grease will exit the bearing cavity at high speeds and during the initial heating and cooling process.

Grease never re-enters the bearing cavity one caught in the grease cap. It can however be pushed back through this cavity by another greasing cycle.

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Finally, take care when loading grease through the grease nipple. Grease will escape though the rear seal as a result of an overfilled bearing cavity.

Bearing Buddy - American

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