American Boat Trailer Parts

American Boat Trailer Parts | Dee Maxx | Kodiak

American boat trailer parts and accessories incl Stainless Disc Rotors, bearings, seals, dust caps, bearing buddy and other hard to get US boat parts.

Kodiak and Deemaxx Calipers, caliper disc pads and rotors are technically the same, in many cases. Ask our experts if you are brand swapping.

Hydrastar and Alko Electric / Hydraulic actuators are reliable brands that continue to perform well.

Imported boats require conversion to suit Australian compliance inspections.

Further, purchase the latest brake lines are PVC coated or stainless braided hose here.

Couplemate prefers the stainless braided line due to the extra protection provided by the stainless braid.

How Disc Brakes Work

So how exactly do American disc brakes work on these boats? How are they different from Australian boat brakes?

USA rotors are thicker (22m) with a max bearing capacity of 1.6t.

As a result of thicker disc rotor size, calipers are not interchangeable with Australian Hydraulic Calipers.

Couplemate is one of Australia’s leading stockists of American Deemaxx and Dexter brands.

How to convert American Couplings