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10-inch Off-road Brake Magnet – Right or Drivers Side

10-inch Off-Road brake magnet suits the right or driver’s side of your caravan.

They suit Australian-style drum brakes, including Couplemate™️ electric backing plates and popular brands like ALKO or Cruisemaster. Off-road magnets do not suit Dexter backing plates unless the magnet arm is modified.

Electric Brake Magnet in our Range of Products

You can upgrade standard electric brakes to off-road by replacing the magnets.

Off-road magnets have increased longevity on corrugated surfaces. Standard magnets rattle on the steel actuating arm and cause the arm to cut itself into the steel magnet housing.

Why is there a rubber band? Off-road magnets do not have a retaining clip, which helps keep the magnet on the backing plate arm during installation. The rubber band allows you to hold the magnet in place for the first installation, and it will break upon first use.

The left-side and right-side magnets are not interchangeable.

Offroad Electric Brake Magnets

Electric Brake Magnet Comparison

Do Off-Road Brake Magnets Work?

All 10-inch off-road Electric Brake Magnets have a plastic insert acting as a dampener. It prevents the steel magnet arm from causing direct damage to the magnet from corrugated road vibrations.

The steel magnet arm causes the steel magnet on a standard highway magnet to rattle, causing wear. The plastic insert on the off-road magnet prevents the same wear under the same conditions. The magnet in the third image was a standard magnet used on corrugated.

As a result, we have found that off-road magnets indeed work.

What is the difference between on-road and off-road electric brake magnets?

Spare Parts for Off-Road Caravan & Trailers

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