45mm x 16mm Square ElectroGal U-Bolt

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385 in stock

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45mm x 16mm Square ElectroGal U-Bolt Incl Nylock and Washer

46mm x 16mm Square U-bolts are U-shaped bolts with a thread diameter of 16mm.

Upgrade your trailer’s stability with our 45mm x 16mm Square ElectroGal U-bolts. Tested for reliability, these heavy-duty U-bolts are perfect for rigs up to 6t.

Couplemate have tested both 1/2-inch and 16mm u-bolts to destruction.

The BBL or break load limit of 16mm u-bolts is 23t. This BBL is well above the working loads of trailers up to 6t.

For loads over 6t, we recommend high tensile u-bolts with UNF threads to ensure sufficient torque when tightening nuts.

M16 U-bolts are available in a variety of sizes and materials, including:

  • Inside width: 45mm is the inside width and the distance between the two legs of the U-bolt.
  • Length: The U-bolt’s length is 150 mm, measured from the bottom of the bend to the bottom of the threads. M16 u-bolts are available in lengths ranging from 150mm to 200mm.
  • Material: M16 u-bolts are made from steel. Stainless steel and other materials.
  • Grade: The grade of the U-bolt refers to its strength.

When choosing an M16 U-bolt, it is essential to consider the following factors:

  • The size of the object you are securing: The inside width of the U-bolt should be large enough to fit around the object you are securing.
  • The thickness of the object you are securing: The U-bolt should be long enough to go through the object you are securing and leave enough thread to attach a nut.
  • The load that the U-bolt will be subjected to: The grade of the U-bolt should be strong enough to handle the load it will be subjected to.
  • The environment in which the U-bolt will be used: If it is used in a corrosive atmosphere, it should be made from stainless steel or another corrosion-resistant material.

M16 U-bolts are versatile and affordable fasteners for various applications.

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