Replacement Rear 4WD Spare Wheel Carrier

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Replacement 4WD Swing Away Spare Wheel Carrier

Replacement rear 4WD spare wheel carrier is a swing away flangeless hub that includes a bearing kit (no spindle).

4WD Swing AwayCouplemate manufacturers swing away wheel carrier hubs from high-grade Australian steel to produce a quality product in the following bearing profiles:

  • Holden standard LM bearings
  • Ford Slimline Bearings
  • Parallel Bearings
  • 2t Bearings and 3t bearings.

You may be interested to learn that 2t and 3t kits are often used on wind farms to swing our equipment to be lowered and on mining sites for swing-out hoists.

Quite often the 4WD swing away spare wheel carrier needs to be replaced because the weight is just too much for the bearings. This results in assembly collapse. If your construction has collapsed, replace it with the non-bearing type carrier.

Caution: 4WD Swing Away Carriers

We recommend using a 45mm Slimline or 45mm Parallel models due to the added load caused by the fulcrum effect on the rear bar.

Unless you are carrying a very light load, we do not recommend the 39mm Round or 40mm Square models.

4WD Swing Away

LM or Holden Bearings (no spindle)

  • Inner ID 31.75mm, OD 59.10mm
  • Outer ID 19.05mm, OD 45.20mm
  • Seal ID 37.5mm, OD 59.10m
  • Grease Cap 45.20mm

SL or Slimline / Ford Bearing Kit (no spindle).

  • Inner ID 35.00mm, OD 59.10mm
  • Outer ID 22.00mm, OD 45.20mm
  • Seal ID 43.9mm, OD 59.10mm
  • Grease Cap 45.20mm

Parallel Hub only plus Bearing Kit (no spindle).

  • Inner ID 35.00mm, OD 59.10mm
  • Outer ID 35.00mm, OD 59.10mm
  • Seal ID 43.9mm, OD 59.10mm
  • Grease Cap 63.00mm

Installation Note:

Bearing cups have been machined into the hub. If you are replacing the bearings for any reason, do not insert new cups into the hub.

Suits bearing profiles above and includes the bearings above. We made this high quality, heavy-duty replacement hub for a tyre carrier that has become worn or broken.

As the stub axle gets larger in size the capacity of the loading increases.

Swingaway Hub plus Bearing Kit is suited to a multitude of attachments including 14-inch wheels, spare tyres, jerry can holder and gas holders or even tool trays.

Opinion: I have never been sorry about over-engineering a design. I always recommend over-engineering to add a safety factor of approximately 1.5t expected load.

We can build these swivel hubs up to 3t capacity. Once completed, assemblies can be powder coated for a perfect finish.

Couplemate Trailer Parts sells only the best quality Replacement Rear 4WD Spare Wheel Carrier and caravan spare parts throughout Australia.

Customers are welcome to either pickup or take advantage of our low freight rates. Express shipping to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart.

We also ship products to New Zealand via Australia Post Air Express.

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