Towing Strap – 60mm x 9 mtr


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60mm Towing Strap – Heavy Duty

60mm Towing Strap – Genuine Just Straps brand Australian Made Quality. 

Serious range (green). Use for general towing of heavy Four Wheel Drive vehicles only. Connect to two recovery points on the vehicle.

Fully protected sewn eyes at both ends in (blue) to identify Polyester material. Safety Label and Blue Identification Tag attached.

60mm wide x 6metres long
4,100kg Recovery Load Limit R.L.L.®
6,150kg Minimum Breaking Strength MBS

Safety Guidelines

Massive forces are being exerted when attempting vehicle recovery. Vehicle occupants and observers/bystanders risk severe injury or death from flying objects (such as tow balls and shackles) when the recovery strap is attached incorrectly.

It is suggested you use the following points as the minimum guideline when attaching the strap prior to use.

  • Never attach recovery straps to vehicle fitting such as tow balls, tow bars, tie-down points or tow hooks.
  • Only attach recovery straps to an approved recovery point/device that is suitably rated for use with the strap.
  • Before attempting vehicle recovery all passengers must exit the vehicle and stand as far away as possible.

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