50A Anderson Car Plug Cover


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50A Anderson Car Plug Cover for Caravans using 12v Power

50A Anderson Car Plug Cover easily secures your plug to a weatherproof fixed position.


  • Dirty terminals are the second most significant cause of connection failure.
  • The most significant cause of electrical failure in caravans and trailers is oxidisation inside the trailer plug.

It is essential to keep electrical connections dry otherwise, they will fail.

Electrical flashing is caused by dirt and humidity. Electricity tracks across the wet dust, causing a flash. As a result of the flash, there is an associated explosion.

Electrical accidents are significantly reduced with plug covers.

Prevent electricity to flow between terminals via a shroud or barrier.

The locking tabs ensure a safe and reliable connection for towing, battery charging, marine and industrial OEM applications.


  • Manufactured from heavy-duty materials, the covers protect the power connectors from the elements
  • Compatible with most power connector brands
  • A unique locking tab system secures mating connections
  • Snap-fit of power connector into the cover
  • Retractable access cover
  • Heavy-duty PA nylon construction
  • Blister packed
  • Patented product made by Australian company Trailer Vision

Purchase 50A, 120A and 175A plug covers from the links below:

How is water conductive?

Electricity passes along a stream of water from point A to point B. Electricity passes better through the water with salt content.

Water provides a path between active and neutral conductors, causing tracking. Tracking causes power to be used, flattening the battery even when not connected to the battery.

Did you know that salt water is more conductive than freshwater?

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