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How to fix Caravan Vibration Fatigue

If Vibration Fatigue can bring down a Boeing 747, you can be sure it will bring down your Caravan too. Boeing has taken precautions against vibration fatigue and so should you. Consider the following article, there may be a few precautions you can take or at least check.

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Why U-bolts may be the Major Cause of Accidents

U-bolts are not usually assessed as the culprit in Caravan accidents or roll overs, possibly due to the enormous accident carnage. Bad bearings, broken springs, loss wheel nuts are blamed as the cause of the accident. However, the culprit in many instances...

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How to correctly adjust your caravan brakes

Caravan brakes are often treated like car brakes, forgotten and never adjusted. Danger, danger Will Robinson, expensive trouble looms on the horizon if your caravan brakes or boat maintenance is sloppy or non-existent. I guarantee you that brake failure or cause a...

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New Caravans and Weighbridge Certificates

Buying a new caravan should be a breeze, but there can be hidden pitfalls that you need to check first. I hear complaints from caravan owners, the dealers and manufacturers may be using inferior springs in rigs, and they are breaking fairly quickly after taking...

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Can Overlay Axles be inverted?

Bill asked me a great question on the website yesterday. He asked "I want to invert my overlay axle, so my caravan gains extra height. Currently, it hits the top of the mudguard." So Bill here is our answer. Overlay axles have changed over the years, so it is not...

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Spring Problems caused by Hanger Location

Spring problems are more likely to be caused by incorrect rear hanger location than wrong size spring. 90% of Shackle Springs have hangers located so that the axle is the centre of the mudguards but the rear hanger can be out of the correct location by as much as...

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