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Guide to Cruisemaster or Vehicle Component Drums

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Couplemate™ is a leading stockist of Cruisemaster drums. These types of drums are typically found on Cruisemaster™ axles and a variety of Cruisemaster independent suspension systems (Cruisemaster ATX, XT Freestyle, CRS2, GT).

Cruisemaster drums may also serve as a replacement for Vehicle Component (VC) brake drums. There are several variations available for these drums, so Couplemate™ has put together a guide to help you purchase the correct drum for your application. Please note that these drums are made-to-order and may require a lead time of 12 business days prior to dispatch. As such, correctly identifying your drum is important.

The Cruisemaster 2T Landcruiser Drums come fitted with bearings directly from the Cruisemaster warehouse. For backing plates to suit these drums, Couplemate™ recommends 12″ Off-Road Backing Plates.

How to Identify a Cruisemaster Drum

Step 1: Know your Bearing Configuration

Vehicle Components and Cruisemaster™ offer a few bearing combinations available for these drums. The bearings can be most accurately identified via the laser-engraved number combination on the face of the bearing. Alternatively, if the engravings have faded away, by the measurements of the bearing (including the cup).

You can also buy replacement bearings here.

VT Bearings

  • Inner Bearing: 501349/10
    • (ID: 41.28mm) (OD: 73.431mm)
  • Outer Bearing: 68149/10
    • (ID: 34.99mm) (OD: 59.13mm)
  • Seal: AXSEALA75H
    • (ID: 47.63mm) (OD: 76.20mm)

VC Bearings

  • Inner Bearing: 25580/20
    • (ID: 44.45mm) (OD: 82.93mm)
  • Outer Bearing: 68149/10
    • (ID: 34.99mm) (OD: 59.13mm)
  • Seal: GS-2250
    • (ID: 57.15mm) (OD: 85.73mm)

VC Parallel Bearings

  • Inner Bearing: 501349/10
    • (ID: 41.28mm) (OD: 73.431mm)
  • Outer Bearing: 501349/10
    • (ID: 41.28mm) (OD: 73.431mm)
  • Seal: AXSEALA75H
    • (ID: 47.63mm) (OD: 76.20mm)

n.b. Unfortunately, there is no other way to identify the bearing combination without measurements or bearing numbers.

Step 2: Know your Spigot Size

Cruisemaster™ offers a range of spigot sizes, most commonly from 93mm to 110mm. Confirmation of this size is required prior to the order of the drums, as incorrectly-sized spigots can impact the wheel fitment.

Please reference the image below to assist with taking measurements.

how to measure a drum diagram

How to measure your Cruisemaster or Vehicle Components drum.

Step 3: Know your Stud Pattern

Cruisemaster drums are most found in either a 5 or 6 Stud Landcruiser stud pattern. Please note, that while the trailer industry will identify these as Landcruiser, this term is non-exclusive. Many 6-Stud combinations, such as Nissan, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, and many more may be compatible.

The stud pattern for both combinations are:

  • 5 x 150mm PCD
  • 6 x 139.7mm PCD

If you need help measuring PCD, reference our free article here. 

Step 4: Know your Stud Size

Lastly, depending on the type of wheels fitted or are being planned to be fitted, metric studs may be required. If your wheel is an Alloy or a genuine car wheel, you will most likely require a Metric Stud to be fitted as you will find issues installing such a wheel onto an imperial stud. If you are fitting a Steel Rim or Sunraysia Style wheel, Imperial or Metric will be fine.

It is best to measure the diameter of the wheel stud to determine the stud you require.

Available Studs
  • 5 Stud Landcruiser
    • 9/16”
    • M14
  • 6-Stud Landcruiser
    • 1/2″
    • M12

If you have an existing drum you would like to replace, our friendly sales team is here to help. Please email your measurements and any photos to sales@couplemate.com.au.


  1. Ross Trease

    Chasing price and availability of two 12” brake drums. VT bearings Vehicle Components.
    94mm spigot.
    Land Cruiser 14×1.5mm studs

    • Kate

      Hi Ross,

      A 12″ VT Drum with bearings, dust caps, seals and wheel nuts would be $369.00 (per drum). These are a special order, so once they’re in we’d be able to dispatch it to you immediately.

      You can shop VT drums here, or give us a call on 07 3348 3822.


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