45mm x 710mm Galvanised Offset Shackle Spring

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45mm Shackle Offset Galvanised Spring

45mm x 710mm Shackle Offset Galvanised Spring. The offset is 50mm off-centre to enable the axles to be closer on tandem trailers for 14inch or 16inch wheels.

This gap can be closed by 50mm to 100mm by turning the spring 180-degrees. Ideal for closing the gap between the tyres on tandem trailer setups. Install hangers 25mm longer than the springs.

spring hanger locations45mm Spring Specifications

  • 28 inch (710mm)
  • 45mm x 8mm
  • 9/16 inch shackle bolt diameter
  • 300mm eye to Center Bolt
  • 410mm other eye to centre bolt
  • 105mm Free Camber

Galvanised spring rating per spring for offset springs are:

  • 4 leaf 550kg
  • 5 leaf 650kg
  • 6 leaf 750kg
  • 8 leaf 850kg

The problem arises its head when the trailer carry's too much weight and spring breaks before the owner gets the chance to upgrade his springs.

During yearly inspections, we urge owners to check for spring damage caused by shock loading events from the previous year's journeys.

Upgrade begins replacing Broken Caravan eye to eye Springs and Shackle Plates.

Purchase your 45mm shackle springs below.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 93 × 15 × 10 cm
Spring 710mm

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