45mm Shackle Leaf Spring – 635mm


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45mm x 635mm Shackle Spring

45mm x 635mm shackle eye-to-eye spring.  Also known as a short shackle spring are available in black powder-coated or Galvanised. These springs are commonly found on tandem trailers and are suitable for use with 13 / 14″ Wheels.

These springs are also available in either a centred or offset configuration in 4 or 5-leaf packs only. Additionally, these springs use polyurethane bushes which means they don’t need grease and are long-lasting.

Product Specifications

  • Width: 45mm
  • Length: 635mm
  • Leaf Thickness: 8mm
  • Free Camber: 100mm
  • Maximum Compression: 50mm
  • Spring Bolt Holes: 9/16″
  • Leaf Ratings (per spring):
    • 4 Leaf = 550kg
    • 5 Leaf = 650kg

Frequently Asked Questions

What size leaf springs do I need? The first step would be to measure your existing leaf springs. You can then confidently match the correct springs suitable for your trailer. Refer to our How to guide below for more information:
Does upgrading leaf springs increase towing capacity? This is a question that comes up a lot, the answer is both yes and no. Trailers are rated based on their weakest component and usually, that is the bearings. In the case that your axle size has been increased and you are now running larger, heavier-duty bearings, you may be able to increase your capacity. However, trailers are required to be re-inspected by an authorised agent to increase their overall towing capacity. 
Will longer shackles lift my trailer? Yes, longer shackle plates will increase the ride height of your trailer. We offer two lengths of shackle plates suitable for 45mm springs with 63mm centre and 75mm centre holes. It is important to note that the increase is quite minimal and is not the most effective way to increase height. You will likely see gains of around 5-8mm by increasing your shackle plate length. For alternative ways to increase the height on your trailer, please give us a call on 07 3348 3822 and the team would be happy to discuss the most appropriate method for you.
Should trailer leaf springs be replaced in pairs? Yes, trailer leaf springs should always be replaced in pairs. The reason we recommend this is to avoid any difference in height across either side of the axle. A brand new spring is always going to have a stronger camber than an old and warn spring, and if this difference is significant it will result in additional weight leaning onto the older spring. This is not ideal.
How are springs rated? Firstly, springs are tested by cyclic compression in a hydraulic press to maximum compression. After several hours of successful testing, the spring is then rated.

Purchase your 45mm shackle springs below:

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Finally, if you get a chance, please review this product. Caravan Spring choices.


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