45mm x 635mm Shackle Spring – Black, Galvanised

45mm x 635mm Shackle Spring – Black, Galvanised


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45mm x 635mm Shackle Spring

45mm x 635mm shackle eye-to-eye spring.  Also known as a short shackle spring. Black powder-coated or Galvanised.

  • 25-inch (635mm)
  • 45mm x 8mm Leaf Spring
  • 9/16 inch shackle bolt diameter.
  • 2 x 9/16" Nylon bushes
  • Camber 100mm

Tandem trailer uses short shackle centre springs or standard offset shackle springs. It suits 13-inch and 14-inch wheels only.

How are springs rated?

Firstly, springs are tested by cyclic compression in a hydraulic press to maximum compression.

Maximum compression is approximately 50mm. After several hours of successful testing, the spring is then rated.

Spring Ratings

  • 4 Leaf 550kg
  • 4 Leaf 550kg - Galvanised
  • 5 Leaf 650kg - Galvanised

Centre pinned means the centre bolt locates at the centre of the spring.

Sorry, there are no springs with extra leaves in the short shackle range.

Why do some springs break prematurely or lose spring tension? Read about vibration fatigue here.

Purchase your 45mm shackle springs below:

Here is an excellent article on "Why do springs break".

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