Electric Backing Plate Weld Ring

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Electric Backing Plate Weld Ring – 10 Inch

These weld rings suit 10-inch electric brakes and mechanical 9-inch ones on slimline, LM and parallel bearing profiles. Couplemate welding brackets are manufactured to fit the following axle sizes:

  • 40mm square marine axles (115mm extended LM profile).
  • 40mm square electric axles. (130mm extended LM profile).
  • 45mm round axles. (130mm long slimline or parallel profile).
  • 45mm square axles. (115mm extended LM profile).
  • 45mm square axles. (130mm long slimline profile)
  • 50mm square axles. (130mm long slimline profile)
  • 50mm square axles (140mm extended parallel profile)

72mm outer hole centres. Backing plate locators are 65mm apart.

Electric Backing Plate Weld Ring | 12 Inch

Electric backing plate weld ring suit 12-inch electric brakes. Our weld rings are made to fit the following axle sixes:

  • 50mm Round Axles
  • 50mm Square Axles

Electric brake backing plate locators are 55mm apart.

How do you easily tell a 12-inch weld ring from a 10-inch?

People sometimes ask how to tell the difference between a 10-inch and a 12-inch weld ring. Put, it is the number of holes: 10-inch weld rings usually have four holes, whereas 12-inch has five holes.

Dry Assembly Instructions

Welding brackets are difficult to mount correctly. Therefore, the following steps can help DIY caravanners.

  • Assemble the electric backing plate onto the weld ring
  • Place the drum over the axle profile dry (without grease).
  • Lock the axle nut so that the drum is in position.
  • Adjust brake shoes so shoes almost lock into the drum.
  • Adjust the drum and backing plate so both parts are concentric on the axle.
  • Tack the weld ring into position at 4 points and de-assemble.
  • After de-assembly, finish welding the weld ring into place.

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Electric – 40mm Sq Axle, Electric – 45mm Rnd Axle, Electric – 50mm Rnd Axle, Electric – 50mm Square Axle, Electric – 50mm Square Hole, Marine – 40mm Square Hole, Marine – 45mm Square Hole


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