Electric Backing Plate Weld Ring

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Electric Backing Plate Weld Ring

Electric backing plate weld ring suit 10-inch electric brakes and mechanical 9-inch brakes on a slimline, LM and parallel bearing profiles.

What does an electric weld ring fit? Click the link below and buy.

Electric welding brackets are manufactured to fit the following axle sizes

  • 40mm square marine axles (115mm long LM profile).
  • 40mm square electric axles. (130mm long LM profile).
  • 45mm round axles. (130mm long slimline or parallel profile).
  • 45mm square axles. (115mm long LM profile).
  • 45mm square axles. (130mm long slimline profile)
  • 50mm square axles. (130mm long slimline profile)
  • 50mm square axles (140mm long parallel profile)

72mm outer hole centers. Electric brake backing plate locaters are 65mm apart.

Welding brackets are difficult to position correctly. Therefore, the following procedures were developed to help DIY caravanners.

Dry Assembly Instructions

  • assemble to the electric backing plate onto the weld ring
  • assemble drum over axle profile dry (without grease).
  • Lock axle nut so that drum is in position.
  • Adjust brake shoes so shoes almost lock into the drum.
  • Adjust drum and backing plate so both parts are concentric on the axle.
  • Tack weld ring into position at 4 points and de-assemble.
  • After de-assembly, finish welding weld ring into position.


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