9 inch Mechanical Backing Plate

9 inch Mechanical Backing Plate


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9-inch Mechanical Brake Plate - Suits 9-inch Drums

9-inch mechanical brake plate is cable actuated at the brake lever causing two identical shoes to apply a braking force into a cast-iron brake drum.

Brake shoes and brake discs are known as friction brakes. Vehicle brakes are also friction brakes; however, these braking systems may be hydraulic or electric brakes.

Installation of the Brake Shoes

However, please pay attention to the shoe offset below when installing into a drum.

Locate the handbrake on the bottom of the axle.

13 inch to 14-inch wheels 1450kg. 15 inch to 16-inch wheels is 1200kg

Brake Shoes9 inch Mechanical Brake Shoes

9-inch x 45mm. Maximum cable tension during braking is 165kg. Hole spacings are 76.15mm P.C.D.

Occasionally, it is better to replace the whole backing plate as other components may be showing wear. A four-hole post mount fixes mechanical braking plates welded to the axle, behind the rear grease seal.

The job becomes more manageable, removing a few bolts then replacing the whole backing plate. Entire backing plates are relatively inexpensive.

How to replace 9 inch Brake Shoes

  • Take off the wheel, remove the grease cap and split pin and take off the drum.
  • Remove the worn brake shoes.
  • Keep the springs in a container ready for re-insertion.
  • Check that there is grease on the backing plate under the lever assembly (at the bottom), use molybdenum grease as required.
  • Assemble the new backing plate shoes with the springs between the shoes, as shown in the image above.
  • The longer spring must be assembled in the lower position, the shorter spring in the top place. Note that left-hand side brakes are a mirror image to right-hand side brakes.

Fit the drum over the brake shoes and reassemble.

Why do my trailer brakes fade?

  • Dirt, oil or grease on the brake shoes - clean
  • Worn brakes shoes - replace
  • Badly adjust brake shoes - adjust
  • Trailer overloaded causing brakes to overheat - reduce trailer weight or upgrade trailer.

Mechanical Braked Axles

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