Heavy-Duty Spring Holder – Tail Gate


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Tailgate bar uses K1045 axle steel for expert strength.
✓ Easy to install by welding the the sturdy plate steel onto chassis.
Suits tailgate coil springs up to 19mm in diameter.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

35 in stock

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Heavy-Duty Spring Holder for Trailer Tailgates

Don’t risk a tailgate failure on your horse float. The most common culprit is rust in the hollow spring holder, and our custom holders are the solution.

Made from sturdy 10mm plate steel and a solid K1045 medium tensile axle steel bar, our spring holders will keep your tailgate securely connected to the loader spring.

Trust in the quality of Australian-Made products and make the switch to Couplemate spring holders today.

Product Specifications

Couplemate™️ tailgate spring holders are built to last.

  • Materials: K1045 bar, steel plate
  • Bar Length: 235mm
  • Holder Height: 145mm
  • Holder Width: 100mm
  • Bar Diameter: 44mm
  • Plate Width: 10mm

For maximum strength, the bar across the holders is constructed with K1045 axle steel. With materials like these, you can trust that our spring holders will provide a reliable connection for your horse float tailgate.

Note: Fits all Couplemate tailgate springs up to 19mm in diameter.

Product Installation

Don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong springs for your horse float tailgate! Before making your purchase, it’s crucial to weigh your tailgate.

But you don’t need fancy equipment – an old set of bathroom scales will do the trick.

Once you have the correct springs, our custom spring holders are the way to go. These holders securely connect your tailgate to the loader spring, and they’ve become the preferred choice for installers.

For heavier tailgates, we recommend using two springs and installing holders on both sides of the tailgate.

Keep your horse float safe and secure with the right springs and these custom holders.

Additional information

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