75mm Round Galvanised U-Bolt


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75mm Round Galvanised U Bolt

75mm Round Galvanised U Bolt by Couplemate is 150mm long. This 150mm long u-bolt kit includes rolled threads with a gal flat washer and gal nylock. The thread length is 50mm.

How do I calculate or measure the correct size?

  • Spring width plus
  • Axle Pad 8mm plus
  • Axle width plus
  • Nyloc plus

How to measure U-BoltsNews Articles

How to Measure U bolts (example)

You must retighten u-boltsapproximatelyx 200lkms after installation due to steel’s ability to stretch a little under load.

Furthermore, we stress-tested these u-bolts during manufacture and batch test until destruction.

Destruction loads exceed 17,000kg for1/2-inchh galvanised u-bolts.

Finally, our u-bolts are derated to 375kg each or 1500kg per set of 4 or enough u-bolts to suit a single axle.

The max rating of 750kg axles is 750kg with u bolt rating of 01500kg.

Vibration fatigue can loosen mild steel u-bolts if not re-tightened after 300 km.

Excellent article on vibration fatigue here.

Galvanised u-bolt clamp kits are listed below

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions20 × 1 × 1 cm


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