3.5t Adjustable Tow Bar Ball Mount Hitch


What makes this the Premium Choice?

Easily tow multiple trailers with one hitch.
Heavy-duty solid cast design for strength.
Australian-made hitch with 24-Month warranty.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

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Stainless Tow Bar Anti-Rattle Shim Kit

Why should you install Anti-Rattle Hitch Shims? 

Minimises Tow Bar Rattle
Quick and Easy Installation
Made of Stainless Steel

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

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Tow with Confidence: ADR-Approved Mega Adjustable Tow Hitch

The Couplemate™ CM529 is a Premium-Cast Mega Adjustable Tow Hitch, specifically engineered to be the most robust hitch on the Australian market. Designed to handle caravans and trailers up to a 3500kg ATM, this adjustable tow hitch receiver kit is a versatile and reliable way to tow a trailer or caravan.

Adjustable Tow Hitches allow you to have precise control over the height of your tow ball, which impacts the height of the drawbar when attached to the tow vehicle. This flexibility allows you to conveniently tow different trailers at different heights.

The ball mount head provides up to 90mm of drop and up to 190 mm of rise (centre of tow ball to centre pin). This is particularly useful for a range of towing applications, from low boat trailers to high-set camper trailers.

Updated Tow Heights CM529

The CM529 Adjustable Tow Ball Mount features a 190mm Rise and a 90mm Drop.

How does this compare to other Adjustable Hitches on the market? Most other tow hitches have a 114mm Rise and a 90mm drop, measuring from the centre pin to the tow ball plate.

When measured this way, the Couplemate™ CM529 offers a 140mm rise and a 140mm drop.

Adjustable Tow Hitch Specifications

The Couplemate™ CM529 is manufactured by and tested to ADR 62/02.

  • Capacity: 3500kg ATM
  • Materials: Cast Iron, Steel
  • Coating: Power-Coated
  • Receiver Size: 50mm x 50mm (2″)
  • M20 Nut Torque Setting: 268Nm

Approximately 10% of your trailer weight should sit on your tow ball. The Couplemate™ Adjustable Tow Hitch will suit trailers with a 3500kg ATM and can handle 350kg of vertical load.

Tow Ball

A range of tow balls or pins suits the adjustable towing platform.

What’s included in the adjustable tow hitch kit?

  • 1 x Cast Shank Receiver
  • 1 x Ball Mount
  • 4 x M20 Zinc Washers
  • 2 x M20 Zinc Nuts
  • 1 x 7/8″ Zinc Spring Washer
  • 1 x 7/8″ Zinc Nut
  • 2 x M20 Zinc Grade 8 Bolts
  • 2 x M20 Zinc Spring Washers
    CM529 Kit Contents includes M20 Nuts, Bolts Washers as well as Hitch Pin, Lynch Pin

Why is it the Premium Choice?

The Couplemate™ Confidence factor ensures that all our customers experience unrivalled product quality and reliability, backed by our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Precise Engineering & Manufacturing

The production of this product embodies Couplemate™’s motto of “Innovation by Design.” Utilising 3D CAD design, rigorous testing, and stringent Quality Control, Couplemate™’s engineers aimed to make it a market leader.

With a decade of casting experience and seven years of Australian manufacturing, Couplemate™ has integrated Precision Weld Technology, elevating the manufacturing quality. The CM529 combines Couplemate™’s history in heavy-duty casting with modern welding technology.

To view the full-size Engineering drawing, click here.

ADR Compliant for Safe Towing

The CM529 is meticulously designed, manufactured, and subjected to testing in strict adherence to ADR 62, which outlines the legal prerequisites for Mechanical Connections between Vehicles.

Australians need products that are durable and have proven performance. Our products are thoroughly tested, so we at Couplemate™ can attest to their reliability and quality.

This compliance serves as a clear testament to safety.

Multi-Purpose Use

This product is compatible with the conventional Australian 50mm tow ball and the widely used Cruisemaster™ DO35 Tow Pin.

The robust cast body offers sturdy reinforcement within the tow bar, while the clearance on the steel body facilitates the articulation commonly encountered in off-road couplings.

Invert the adjustable tow bar mount for extra height.

2-Year Warranty

Unexpected bumps and shocks fill Australian roads.

We’ve designed this hitch with strength, security, and durability. With a two-year warranty, you can feel confident towing anywhere in Australia.

Additional information

Weight15.5 kg
Dimensions35 × 30 × 10 cm




Weight Rating

3500kg ATM


250 Mild Steel, 400/12 Ductile Iron

Australian Design Rule

ADR 62 Mechanical Connections between Vehicles


Maintains Full Load Rating

Vertical Load


Hole Size



Couplemate™ Black-Powder Coated

Torque Setting

268Nm (M20 Nut)


50mm Tow Ball, Cruisemaster DO35 Tow Pin


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