Ford Slimline Seal

Ford Slimline Seal

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Ford Slimline Seal

Ford metal grease seal suits 45mm round, 45mm square and all trailer axles with slimline or parallel bearing profiles.

To summarise the video, apply grease to the seal journal before insertion. The rubber lip of the seal must be first lubricated to prevent friction burning the rubber and therefore, premature wear.


43.9mm ID, 59.10mm OD

Grease seals form a part of a wheel bearing kit and require care during insertion into the hub before. On some seals, there is a small spring inserted under the lip of the seal.

Be careful not to dislodge this spring from under the lip.

Bearings are often destroyed by this spring when it inadvertently becomes dislodged. Careful smear a small amount of grease on the axle profile before inserting the hub over the axle.

Always use seals with metal outer. Rubber seals can be more difficult to insert into the hub.

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Finally, Couplemate only uses the highest quality trailer parts on all of its axle assemblies and that includes metal ring seals.

Ford Metal Grease Seal

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 cm
Plain or Galvanised

Plain K1045 Steel, Galvanised + $15.00


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