5/8-inch Short Shackle Bolt


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5/8-inch Short Shackle Bolt Caravan and Trailer

5/8-inch short shackle bolts sold by Couplemate are a high tensile and 3.5-inch long.

Suits 45mm eye-to-eye with nylon bushes or shackle springs.

How do I measure my shackle bolt?

Measure from the tip of the thread to the underside of the hex head. 

Worn 5/8-inch Hangers

Yes, there is a fix for this problem.

  • Standard hangers use a 3.5-inch shackle bolt, measured from under the head to the thread’s top.
  • Cut the head off a centre hanger leaving 2 x halves left.
  • Use a longer shackle bolt and bolt the two centre hanger halves over the existing hanger.
  • Weld the two 1/2 inch plates over the old worn hangers.
  • The problem is now fixed.

Sizes on offer

Non-greaseable bolts fit inside a self-lubricating nylon bush and do not need grease. If your springs have nylon bushes, it is not advisable to change your pin to greaseable.

The knurl under the head has a particular purpose. The knurl locks into the shackle plate to help prevent the bolt from spinning during spring compressions. Broken welds are a good sign the bolts need replacement.

The knurl is welded onto the shackle plate on standard tandem and outback trailer springs to stop the bolt from turning. With a rotating bolt in the shackle plate, wear significantly increases.

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How to tighten suspension bolts.

  • Tighten 16mm x 100mm greaseable bolt until home.
  • Back off 1/4 turn.
  • You need a small space between your shackle plates and spring; otherwise, you will develop an annoying squeak.
  • This squeak is due to no tolerance between shackle plates and spring.

Associated Shackle Bolt Parts

Purchase Electrogal 4-inch shackle bolt kits from our trailer parts range here.

Note: The above shackle plate kits are laser cut, welded then plated by Couplemate.

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