High-Tensile Receiver Hitch Pin – Long


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Enjoy the added security and confidence of knowing that your hitch is firmly secured.

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6000kg High-Tensile Receiver Hitch Pin | 132mm

Upgrade your towing experience with the Couplemate™ CM065-1 6000kg High-Tensile Receiver Hitch Pin.

Engineered to provide strong and secure attachment, this hitch pin helps eliminate receiver rattle while ensuring maximum stability.

Designed for compatibility with popular hitch receiver bars, the high tensile strength of this pin guarantees a tight and secure fit, minimising any unwanted movement.

The Pin and Clip provided with this hitch pin offer an additional layer of security, keeping the Nyloc nut firmly in place during towing.

With its robust and sturdy male, the CM065-1 Receiver Hitch Pin is suitable for a wide range of hitch and receiver weights, accommodating towing needs up to 6000kg.

Upgrade your towing setup today and enjoy a smoother, quieter, and more secure towing experience with this premium high-tensile hitch pin.

Product Specifications

  • Material: 4140 Steel
  • Coating: Zinc
  • Overall Length: 132mm
  • Length to Nyloc Nut: 117mm

The CM065-1 is a Class V hitch pin, which is commonly used in the construction industry to support heavy loads. This pin is supplied with a lynchpin (pin and clip) and a galvanised Nyloc nut.

It is quite common for hitches to rattle inside their housing. However, this pin is 0.5mm oversized to help reduce rattle.

Helpful FYI: How Do Pin Ratings Work?

  • Class I – up to 900kg – light loads (Standard 5/8 inch hole)
  • Class II – up to 1,600kg – light loads (Standard 5/8 inch hole)
  • Class III – up to 2,250kg – larger loads (campers, boats, etc.)
  • Class IV – up to 4,000kg – larger loads (campers, boats, etc.)
  • Class V – up to 7,727kg – larger loads (construction equipment, etc.)

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