12-inch Electric Backing Plate

12-inch Electric Backing Plate


What drums do these suit?

AL-KO Australia
Dexter USA
Vehicle Components
✓ Cruisemaster

12″ Electric Backing Plate is available now for express dispatch.

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12-inch Electric Backing Plate

Electric drum brakes are the most common brake type seen on caravans. In newer model caravans and campers, 12-inch backing plates are becoming more common than 10-inch.

Couplemate™ 12" Off-Road Electric Backing Plates are designed to handle rough Australian conditions. Perfect for both Semi-Off Road caravans and fully Off-Road caravans.

Product Specifications

The 12" Electric Backing Plate is supplied as a whole assembly and includes the magnet and brake shoes.

  • Pre-drilled with five holes.
  • Hole Centres: 55mm x 78mm
  • Rating: 2500kg (per pair)

TIP: Left side refers to the passenger's side, whereas the right side is the driver's side.

For tradespeople and manufacturers, Couplemate™ confirms these components are compliant with ADR 38.

Upgrading from 10-inch Brakes

Many customers call Couplemate™ to get help upgrading their 10-inch brakes to 12-inch brakes at home. More often than not, this requires upgrading the entire axle.

Going from drum brakes to calliper brakes on the same bearings (or same axle) is a much simpler process.

Not sure? Contact our expert team.

Standard backing plates are known as "AL-KO" backing plates and are the most common style in Australia.

However, some manufacturers will use Dexter brake systems, or " American-style" backing plates.

One way to identify this is through the park brake lever:

  • Horizontal Park Brake: Standard
  • Vertical Park Brake: Dexter USA

For information on choosing magnet-types, read our short article on the difference between Standard and Off-Road brakes.

12-Month Warranty

Couplemate™ backing plates are among the best, most reliable systems. Couplemate™ offers a 12-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty wherein materials and workmanship are guaranteed to be free of defects for the service life of the product (when used as recommended).

For further clarification, read our Warranty Policy.

Spare Parts for 12-inch Backing Plates

Don't need the whole assembly? Couplemate™ can supply you with just the parts.

12" Electric Brake Magnet12-inch Offroad Electric Magnet Right

Type: Standard or Off-Road
Style: Standard or Dexter USA

These 12" electric brake magnets are compatible with most electric brake systems, excluding the older round magnet brake systems.

12" Electric Brake Shoes10-inch Standard Brake shoes to fit AL-KO Brakes

Type: 10" or 12"
Style: Standard or Dexter USA

Electric brake shoes comprise of both primary and secondary components.

The recommended installation involves placing the larger shoe at the rear of the trailer, and the smaller shoe at the front of the caravan.

Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 10 cm
Backing Plate


Brake Style



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