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Bearing Seals Caravan and Boat Trailers

Bearing seals caravan and boat trailers are what keep your bearing lube intact, ensuring the proper function of your wheels.

Seals for trailers and caravans are one of the most important—yet often forgotten—components of the axle system. This is because you’re in serious trouble if your seal fails.

Why You Need Spares

No matter why you want to visit the outback, the best way to do it is by getting a 4-wheel drive, hooking up a caravan trailer, and driving off into the endless expanse. If you plan on driving here, you’ll need to equip your vehicle and your camper trailer to handle the terrain.

When you aren’t suitably equipped, you can get stranded in the middle of the desert. In most cases, you won’t be able to find help nearby either. Well, not exactly none—there’s always Couplemate! Just give us a call and we’ll send all kinds of caravan and boat bearing seals, and other trailer spare parts to wherever you are.

Bearing Seals (Caravan And Boat Trailers) At Couplemate

We only sell seals that have a spring on the inside lip of the seal. Look for this spring before you install your hub or drum. Sometimes, you’ll pop it right out—if you knock it into position with a little too much muscle.

Some Key Info On Your Bearing Seals

The spring provides a little tension on the rubber lip of the seal against the axle journal. Neither low-quality seals nor marine seals have springs to provide this tension.

As a result, marine seals are a tight fit on the axle and fit loosely into the steel housing in the disc or drum. Consequently, these seals push firmly against their axle shoulders.

We make most of our quality bearing seals from a metal casting and include a spring on the inside of the seal. This spring puts pressure on the lip of seal to ensure a tighter fit into the axle seal journal.

Couplemate sells only the quality trailer and caravan spares throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.