Safety Chain Kits

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  • Rated Galvanised Safety Chain

    Galvanised Safety Chain – 64cm Long

    $25.10$33.05 inc GST
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  • Safety Chain Holder for Aluminium Chassis

    Safety Chain Holder for Aluminium Chassis

    $106.00$254.00 inc GST
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  • caravan trailer safety chain holder

    Safety Chain Holder to 3.5t

    $19.95$25.75 inc GST
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  • Hammerlock | Galvanised Safety Chain

    G80 Hammerlock Safety Chain Connector

    $23.00$37.00 inc GST
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  • Truck Trailer Safety Chain Holder herc alloy

    G80 Truck Safety Chain Holder

    $135.32$355.00 inc GST
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  • Herc Alloy Safety Chain

    ElectroGal G80 Safety Chain 3.6t to 30t

    $61.02$168.00 inc GST
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  • 10mm Safety Chain and Holder

    Safety Chain With Hammerlock and Holder Kit

    $63.13$182.00 inc GST
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Safety Chains, Hammerlocks and Dee Shackles

Trailers under 3.5t require rated safety chains and dee shackles.

Dee shackles must be stamped with a maximum rated capacity to prove compatibility with the safety chain. An Unstamped chain is unacceptable unless the trailer is older than 2009 and is not being re-registered for highway use.

Trailers, caravans and other towing vehicles used on a public road must comply with Safety Chain regulations.

Many trailer parts suppliers prefer to carry rated dee shackles rather than sell the older galvanised dee shackle.

Stamped Galvanised Chain

Every four links of the chain up to 3.5t must is stamped.

Older trailers pre-2009 need not comply with this requirement.

Chain not stamped

There is no requirement to stamp the Herc Alloy chain. Only chains under 3.5t must be stamped every 4 links for road use.

Verticle Chain

The chain must not be welded vertically to the trailer chassis in a manner in which the chain will hit the ground when dropped.

Read this article for a better understanding.

Joining Multiple Dee Shackles

Dee shackles are not permitted to be joined together to lengthen the chain, nor are multiple Dee Shackles allowed per chain.

However, cutting the first link near the weld and joining the two loops with a hammerlock is permissible.

Herc Alloy Chain

Trailers over 3.5t use high tensile pins to hold the Herc Alloy safety chain.

Fit safety chain holders to the drawbar and tow bar via an approved safety chain holder.

A Dee Shackle as a safety chain connection method for trailers over 3.5t is not permitted.

Furthermore, hammerlocks may be used to join the Herc Alloy chain to safety chain holders, provided the safety chain holder contains a high tensile pin.

Finally, call our expert staff if you need help to understand the safety chain solutions above.

Safety Chains, Hammerlocks and Dee Shackles