Shock Absorbers

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  • caravan shock absorber

    Caravan Shock Absorbers suit Jayco

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  • Caravan Shock Absorbers plus Hanger Kit

    Caravan Shock Absorbers plus Hanger Kit

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    Cruisemaster Shock Absorbers

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  • Al-ko Enduro Shock Absorbers

    Al-ko Enduro Shock Absorber

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  • Al-ko IRS Shock Absorber

    Al-ko IRS Shock Absorber

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  • Shock Absorber Mounting Kit

    Shock Absorber Mounting Kit

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Caravan and Camper Shock Absorbers

Caravan shock absorbers stock from Crusiemaster, Al-ko and Couplemate for Jayco, Cruisemaster and Endro Suspension systems.

Are you taking a caravan trip? Absolutely the best way to connect with yourself with family and spend some time away from the bustle of city life.

However, it’s essential to ensure that caravan parts are up to scratch when you are out exploring. This includes shock absorbers.

What These Are For

Generally, most caravans and campers come with shock absorbers pre-installed. The most reputable manufacturers install caravan shock absorbers on their new caravans and trailers.

These absorbers dampen the shock, jarring, and strain from travelling somewhat rugged terrain. And that’s not all; they also keep it from damaging equipment inside your caravan.

Here’s a tip, line your draws and cupboards with neoprene. Even your cutlery handles get worn from rough roads unless you take precautions.

You’ll Need To Know…

Caravan shock absorbers—campers might know these as shockies—don’t add load capacity to the caravan or trailer.

They add zero load capacity; however, they do assist spring rebound.

These kits generally stop functioning perfectly within 5 years. Check your caravan shock absorber kit if you’ve had your caravan for a while.


What other high wearing caravan parts should I be checking?

All popular trailer shock absorbers have standard dimensions (Max Open—380mm, and Max Close 255mm) and must be installed leaning to the rear of the trailer by 15%. However, a little more or a little less is OK.

Finally, your shock absorber should be measured for 1/2 of the stroke and mounted.

Did you know shock absorbers installed on caravans increase bearing life? They also prevent much vibration fatigue commonly experienced in trailers without shock absorbers.

Wondering whether shock absorbers help prevent vibration fatigue? The answer is absolute. This is why car makers use shock absorbers on all 4 wheels.

Buying Shock Absorbers From Couplemate

If your caravan shock absorbers aren’t working correctly, you can order a new kit from Couplemate. We stock caravan parts and trailer spare parts, including trailer shock absorbers. You can either place an order online or give us a call.

Most importantly, we deliver your purchase to any location in Australia.

Furthermore, we source only the best, most durable parts. You can pick from top-of-the-line trailer shock absorbers and shock absorber hanger kits on the market today.

Couplemate sells the best quality trailer parts and caravan spares throughout Australia—covering Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney and Brisbane. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.