Jockey Wheels

Caravan and Trailer Jockey Wheel

Jockey wheels for caravans and trailers are used to engage and disengage your coupling from your vehicle.

Additionally, Al-ko equipment manufactures a range of caravan jockey wheels that are easy to fit and can move your road camper, boat or box trailer.

When parking a caravan, horse float, camper trailer or car trailer you’ll know the importance of mobility.

Various types of  jockey wheels for caravans and power movers are available:

  • U Bolt
  • Swivel Clamp
  • Bolt-On
  • Power Mover
  • Heavy Duty
  • Solid Rubber
  • Steel Wheel
  • Replacement Parts

Jockey wheels for caravans are also available in hot-dip galvanising and sidewinding models for boat trailers and corrosive environments.

You can get a simple, cheap clamp-on wheel that is great for older trailers or an off-road heavy-duty model. People usually go for the latter when they realise smaller power movers just won’t do a great job.

Small rubber wheels break when you least expect. As a result, it is wise to upgrade larger rigs.

Jack Stands have a solid base plate and are available in another category.

The Alko Power Mover lets you shift your caravan easily. Helping you push it with minimal effort. A swing-up wheel lets you ‘swing’ it right up near the tow ball when you’re pulling it with your vehicle.

Replacement Parts At Couplemate

We carry most sizes of standard Al-ko Wheels and spare parts. Note, we only carry AL-KO parts.

Sorry, we do not sell motorised or electric jockey wheels.

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