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Spare Wheel Carrier

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Spare wheel carriers are manufactured by Couplemate

Spare wheel carriers are galvanised and made from 50mm box steel. A galvanised stub axle inserted and locked into the box section.

Lazy hubs, Disc Rotors, 10′ Drums or 12″ Drums can be added with greased bearings.

  • Mounts on a trailer chassis 75mm or 100mm wide.
  • Galvanised Bolts and Backing plates
  • Box Steel and stub axles are Hot-Dip Galvanised.

Hubs loaded onto a wheel carrier are ideal for emergencies. During bearing failure, the hub is also destroyed. A spare hub is certainly a lifesaver.

Also available without hub so you may use your configuration.

The spare wheel carriers are only can be supplied in the following configuration

  • LM or Holden bearing configuration
  • Slimline or Ford bearing configuration
  • Parallel bearings
  • Dexter 1.8t bearings.
  • 2t Bearings
  • 2t Dexter Bearings

Additionally, the height of the wheel carrier can be adjusted vertically by tightening the u-bolts so that the vertical bar is in the desired position.

Finally, carriers can mount on the chassis rail at the front of the trailer or the rear bar behind your caravan.