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Camper Jack Stands | RV Leveling Stands | Heavy Duty

Camper Tray Jacks and Trailer Support Stands by Manutec provide solutions for lifting heavy equipment from chassis rails to camper bodies.

Wherever you go, if you’re lugging along a trailer, you’ll have to detach and re-attach your trailer jacks or truck camper jack stands wherever you park.

Australian camper jacks are now taking the United States by storm.

Correct load capacity is essential when loading and unloading your semi-trailer in loading docks.

Quick and easy trailer back camper legs is essential for camping and made for Australian conditions. The use of a power drill or battery drill has become a favourite method of raising the jacks.

Note: Some drop leg models produce sway under certain windy conditions. Drop leg models are fantastic as trailer stabilising legs; however, they derate when carrying full loads.

Camper tray jacks or trailer jack stands are lightweight yet heavy-duty for the following towing vehicles,

  • Dual cab
  • Flat Tray
  • Camper trailer
  • Single cab tray
  • Ute campers
  • Slide on camper
  • RV Trailer

Slide on Tool Box

The ASSW-1.4mre stand is also a great accessory to lift the back tray and unload your toolbox from the ute.

When its time to go camping, load up the camper onto the ute tray and load up the family. All ready for a great weekend in the great outdoors.

Your toolbox is in the back yard, ready to reload when you are prepared to return to work.

Tray Back Storage

Tough tinnies do a fantastic job of creating under tray space storage space and Trolley Jacks.


Tough Tinnies work.

Why You Need Tray Back Camper Stabiliser Drop Legs

You’ll need a sturdy trailer support stands and drop legs to stabilise and secure your caravan or boat trailer once you reach your location, or get back home. In some cases, something could go wrong with your camper. If so, the isolation can be problematic if your trailer jack gives way as well.

But you don’t need to abandon your trailer in the bush to find the nearest mechanic if something like this occurs.

Just call Couplemate, and we’ll deliver trailer jacks, and camper drop legs right to wherever you are. We’ll get the required spare trailer parts from our warehouse and have it shipped to you within 24 hours of you placing your request.

Some Key Info On Camper Support Jacks And Camper Drop Legs

1.4-meter stabilising stands are popular choices for lifting camper bodies from the rear of ute trays. Drive into town, leaving the camper secured and locked in the caravan park.

Manutec make a variety of the strongest, and high-quality trailer support stands on the Australian market; they’ve been making the same camper stands for many years. Many have tried to copy the stands made by Manutec; however, most have failed to replicate the strength of this brand’s products.

Manutec has a solution for lightweight camper body stands, and Al-ko jacks up to 4.5t lift capacity. They also trailer jacks and accessories for most of their products, including gears and handles.

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These applications are unsuitable for this product;

  • profile trolley jack, car stands, floor jack, car jack stand, hydraulic jack and lifting jack.

Couplemate sells only the best quality trailer and caravan jacks throughout Australia—covering the Darwin, Perth, Hobart, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.