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Caravan and Trailer Wheel Studs and Nuts

Wheel studs and nuts for your caravan or trailer can be hard to find especially the 2t range rover series. Couplemate has most studs and nuts in stock.

Travelling in the vast outback has a few drawbacks. One of which is wheel nuts becoming loose on rough and corrugated roads.

Broken wheel studs caused by wheel nuts falling off is typical yet unpublicised. Read about horrific broken wheel studs here.

wheel nut indicator

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We recommend checking all wheel nuts every morning before even starting the car engine.

I use a battery rattle gun. It does a quick job and ensures tightness.

Can wheel nuts be overtightened? Sure, wheel nuts can be overtightened and also snap when using a rattle gun, take care. Once the nut has stopped moving, it is tight. There is no need to stretch the stud thread by holding your finger on the trigger.

Spares are essential when travelling the Outback regions

For me, it is very comforting to know I have the following spares on board before heading into the outback: