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Independent Coil Spring Suspension

Independent coil spring suspension developed by Couplemate and features Zero Camber

  • Upgradable Coil Springs Replaceable and Upgradeable Stub Axles.
  • Max Compression 70mm @ 1250kg Camber is zero at full load.

This zero camber is due to the upper frame that provides the necessary strength to the entire suspension.

  • Install mudguards 110mm above the tyre. 75mm compression + 35mm shock loading.
  • Rated to 1250kg in Standard Electric Brake configuration.
  • Zero Camber guarantees maximum tyre life.
  • Upgrades are as simple as changing the coil spring and stub axle.
  • Independent Coil SuspensionbyCouplemate is designed to help reduce tyre wear and maximise durability.

There are two main reasons why you need an upgrade.

  • Your existing springs can no longer handle the conditions.
  • Your current payload is increasing.
  • You wish a smoother ride and towing solution.

Leaf Springs

Spring camber can be up to 150mm high. If your current spring has zero camber, then there may be issues with canvas height and towing height.

When replacing flat leaf spring with stronger leaf springs, the spring height can change by as much as 150mm.

Increasing Payload

The maximum ATM you can achieve is 4500kg, and this will need an engineering certificate and a weight bridge certificate.

Weight bridge certification is essential before you upgrade your rig.

Increasing payload beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations will require an engineering inspection before certification.

Usually, your manufacturer can assist with a revised VIN plate.

If not, your vehicle inspection station can help with engineering advice and certification.

Installation Instructions.

  • Measure the length of the Independent suspension and cut out obstructions.
  • To gauge the centre of the wheel. Cut a piece of 75mm x 25mm Box and weld. 425mm from the back of the cross member to the wheel centre.
  • Place back of the Independent Suspension on the new cross member and held in position on the chassis rail with clamps.
  • Weld the angle iron provided on top of the Independent Suspension to your frame rail and cross rail.
  • Connect 4mm wiring to your electric brakes and then connect your park brake. Insert wheel onto drum and bolt into place.
  • Adjust brakes then left down your jacks. Note: Couplemate has a two-week lead time from order to dispatch.
  • Brakes not included in this price. Angle iron on top rail is an optional extra.
  • You will need a weighbridge certificate. Things to consider when rating your rig?

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