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How to Auto Calculate Truck D-Value

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Calculate D-Value for Towing Equipment on the Truck | Trailer

D-Value is one of the most understood calculations in the truck and trailer industry. We will try and make it easy with a little technology and science.

The D-value is calculated using the permissible total weight of both the truck and trailer. The D-value equation is below; however, we do have an easy-to-use online solution for calculating the D-value.

First, let’s look at the coupling or pintle hook rating. We discovered that this rating is unrelated to your tow vehicle or trailer.

However, the combination pintle hook rating directly relates to the tow ball.

Tow balls are tested to a particular rating according to AS4177.2

low wear truck pintleWe are now looking at the CM255, a Pintle Ring Coupling rated at 6t. Soon, you will be like me, asking what the 6t rating refers to.

The form below gives the user multiple choices to ensure the correct device is selected.

New Automatic Calculation Methods

Customers unsure of how to calculate D-Value methods should go to the form calculation and enter your truck’s total weight GVM and the weight of the trailer ATM.

The calculation field equation below has been inserted into a radio button and shows how to auto-calculate the d-value.

Once you have calculated the value based on a D-value, you can select the towing product.

Suppliers should also be able to provide a vertical load value or V-value.

D-Value Equation

D-Value = 9.81 x (Tow Vehicle GVM x Trailer ATM) / (Tow Vehicle GVM + Trailer ATM)

If you do the equation, a 12t truck tow an 8t trailer has a D-Value of 47Kn. Click the D-Value Sheet here for confirmation.

So now we know how easy it is to select the correct pintle hook. Can you tell me the relevance of the rating stamped on a product?

Finally, purchase towing equipment here.


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